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The People Who Bring You Sources


HERE ARE MOST OF THE PEOPLE who brought you this edition of Sources. They're identified by their function on this edition. As you'll see across the page, pretty well everyone is doing something more or different now.

Front row left to right Associate Publisher Tracy Blyth, Circulation Promotion Manager Mike McErlean, Finance Assistant and Assistant to the Publisher Stacey Cohen, Creative Head and Head of Production Susan Clarke, Chief Financial Officer Indra Samlal. Middle row: Editorial Consultant and Special Projects Manager Kate Kaufman, Marketing & Advertising Manager Philomena Stevanovic, Administrative Assistant Chris Sanderson, Publisher Barrie Zwicker (holding a copy of Sources).

Back row: A. Jorge de Mendonca, President of Mendon Associates Inc.(page L-157), publishing systems and services; Jim Home, Stern Cohen Chartered Accountants (L-224); Andrew Thompson, Account Manager; Joseph Chisholm, Financial Counsellor (L-89); Bill Renaud, President, Accutype Ltd. (L-2), typesetters for the listing section; Richard Simm, RKS Enterprises, Research & Development Associate; Douglas Dempsey, President, The Delta Group (see display advertisement,pg. EMB-13), holding a large portfolio, printer of this book from its first edition and Peter Gowdy, of Data Basics computer training services.

Unable to be included were former Managing Editor Brandi Dickman, Informatics Consultant Dean Tudor, Listings Editor Cheri Westra and Account Managers Shirley Ann Layman, David McCallum and Michael Swartz. Missing also are representatives of our mailing house, OMSCO of Scarborough, Ont. and Canada Post Corporation (L-30). These organizations, too, are part of the team that brings you Sources. Thanks to photographer Brian Willer of Brian Willer Associates, his business manager and spouse Nancy, and to Ryerson Polytechnic University for arranging space and equipment on short notice.


Published in Sources 33, Winter 1993/1994

Copyright © Sources, All rights reserved.