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Guide to Canadian English Usage
Margery Fee and Janice McAlpine
Oxford University Press
1997, 549 pp, $39.95, ISBN 0-19-540841-1
An excellent resource for Canadians wanting information about their language. Entries address common questions and problems including Canadianisms, difficult expressions and grammar. This guide also provides useful entries on foreign phrases and First Nations names.

Canadian Dictionary of the English Language
Susan Green, Executive Editor
ITP Nelson
1997, 1694 pp, $33.95, ISBN 0-17-606591-1
Bitmap, Generation X, Pad Thai and Wendigo are entries you may not find in other dictionaries, but you will find them in this book. The Canadian Dictionary of the English Language contains an up-to-date listing of current spelling patterns, pronunciations, andusage notes, and is punctuated throughout with photographs, illustrations and diagrams.

Gage Canadian Dictionary
Gage Educational Publishing Company
1997, 1718 pp, ISBN 0-7715-1981-8 (School), ISBN 0-7715-7399-5 (Trade)
This dictionary offers insight into the Canadian identity. It recognizes the uniqueness of Canadian English, but accepts the influences of American and British spelling by including variations on the same word. It features the international phonetic alphabet. Recently expanded and revised, the latest edition is the most comprehensive yet.

The New Fowler's Modern English Usage, Third Edition
Edited by R.W. Burchfield
Clarendon Press, Oxford
1996, 864 pp, $37.00, ISBN 0-19-869126-2
Ever since Henry Watson Fowler published the Dictionary of Modern English Usage in 1926, his name has been referred to as an authority on the English language. This latest edition of Fowler's, updated by R.W. Burchfield, is no exception. Modern English Usage is interesting and informative, but never dry. It features a certain style that most other reference books lack.

1997 Directory of Labour Organizations in Canada
Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada
1997, 287 pp., ISBN 0-660-60281-4
Completely bilingual and updated annually, the Directory of Labour Organizations in Canada is a compilation of unions, union memberships, congresses and other labour organizations. This directory provides contact names, addresses and phone numbers of spokespeople and representatives for hundreds of labour organizations.

Canadian Directory Of Industrial Distributors: 1995-1996
A Clifford/Elliot Publication
1995, 316 pp, $265.00
This directory offers several ways to access its information: alphabetical, geographical, or by product specialty. Though it has a specific, and possibly limited, market, anyone in search of industrial distributors, will find over 2,000 of them here.

Greater Toronto Business Directory, Third Edition
Scott's Directories, A Southam Publication
1996, $195.00, ISBN 0-919378-86-2
Scott's Greater Toronto Business Directory offers its users detailed, well-indexed information on businesses in Metropolitan Toronto and vicinity (including Oshawa, Pickering, Markham etc.). Listings include business services, products, manufacturers and distributors.


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