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Welcome to Sources 2006

You are holding the 57th print issue of the Sources directory in your hands. After 28 years of print publication - and 10 years Web publishing via Sources.com and Sources.ca - it's second nature to keep looking for new ways to help journalists and writers find news sources, experts, leads, and story ideas.

On the facing page, you'll see one of our latest innovations: the print version of the Sources Calendar, listing a variety of newsworthy events of national or regional interest. Included, too, are meetings and conferences hosted by and for journalists and writers like the Canadian Association of Journalists, Magazines Canada, the Professional Writers' Association of Canada, the Canadian Science Writers Association, the Canadian Authors Association, the National Magazine Awards, Freedom to Read Week, and Word on the Street.

We hope you find this calendar useful, and welcome your additions and feedback.

Simultaneously, we are also launching an online Calendar on the Sources.com Web site. The online version of the Calendar lists even more events than appear in the print version, including application deadlines for awards and fellowships available to Canadian journalists and writers. Organizations and companies listed in Sources are able to post their events on the online Calendar, so you'll find new items being posted there throughout the year. It's at www.sources.comhttps://calendar.sources.com/.

Also on the Sources Web site are news releases posted by the companies and organizations listed in Sources. You'll find their announcements about their issues and innovations at www.sources.com/News.htm.

Why Print and Online?

People sometimes ask why, after 10 years of being on the Internet, are we still producing a print version of Sources? One simple answer is that we send copies of Sources to people who request it, and thousands of writers and reporters are still requesting print copies. What users tell us is that for some purposes, nothing beats print. And assumptions to the contrary, it's often more convenient and faster to use a book than the Internet: You've told us about Internet connections that are deadly slow, and about ancient, buggy computers than crash whenever they sense you're on a deadline.

Aside from that, we keep hearing that while the Sources Web site is great for finding contacts when you're working on a story, the print version of Sources is great for finding what you don't know you're looking for. There's nothing like browsing through a book to come up with new story ideas and new angles on existing stories. Sources in print brings you the power of serendipity.

And that's why we produce Sources in print and online.


Tell them you found them in Sources

Sources helps you create better stories, more stories, faster stories.
And why you say "I found you in Sources" every time you reach one of the 5,000 contacts in Sources you complete a feedback loop that keeps Sources growing.


More information resources from Sources

The Sources Listings, the Sources search engine, the Sources Calendar, and the online News Releases are all free at www.sources.com. Also available on the Sources Web site are two other directories available by subscription: Parliamentary Names & Numbers, and Media Names & Numbers.

Parliamentary Names & Numbers: Do you need quick easy access to federal and provincial government information? Would you rather go to one well-organized, all-inclusive sources than hunt through dozens of Web sites? When you subscribe to Parliamentary Names & Numbers you get access to a one-stop Web-based portal of Canadian government information that has it all: MPs, Senators, MLAs, caucus, committee, and critic duties, ministries, senior civil servants, agencies, crown corporations, lobbyists, political parties, and embassies -- all with addresses, phone and fax numbers, E-mail, and Web sites. An annual subscription cost $75 and gives you online access for one user plus two print directories. $160 a year gets you online access for up to 10 users in your office, as well as the two print directories.

Media Names & Numbers: The one-stop Web-based portal of Canada's media, with listings for all print and broadcast media. Information for more than 6,000 publications and stations, with essential contact details. Whether you're a freelancer pitching story ideas, or a communicator who needs to reach the media, this directory gives you what you need, fast, in a format you can use. An annual subscription costs $109.95 a year and gives you online access for one user plus a 400-page print directory. $160 a year gets you online access for up to 10 users in your office, as well as the two print directories.


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