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Adult daycare center

An adult day care center, also commonly known as adult day services, is a non-residential facility specializing in providing activities for elderly and/or handicapped individuals. Most centers operate 10 - 12 hours per day and provide meals, social/recreational outings, and general supervision. Adult daycare centers operate under a social model and/or a health care model. Daycare centers may also focus on providing care only for persons with Alzheimer's and related dementias or their services may be available for any disabled adult. Some daycare centers maintain a nurse on-site. Occasionally, there will be a small room devoted to clients to have vital signs checked, etc. by a medical assistant/nurse when needed. They may also provide transportation and personal care as well as counseling for caretakers.

Adult day care centers offer numerous benefits to participants and their caregivers. Participation in adult day care often prevents re-hospitalizations and may delay admission to residential long term care, as participants are able to remain at home with family members longer due to the added support. For participants who would otherwise stay at home alone, the social stimulation and recreational activities often improve, maintain, or delay decline of physical and cognitive function. For caregivers, adult day care centers provide respite care, enabling caregivers to work or to have a break from their caregiving responsibilities.

Currently more than 4,600 adult day centers are currently operating in the United States providing care for 150,000 older Americans each day[1]. Nearly 78 percent of adult day centers are operated on a nonprofit or public basis. Daily fees for services are almost always less than a home health visit and about half the cost of a skilled nursing facility. Daily fees for adult day services vary depending upon the services provided. Average daily fees across the country are approximately $56[2].Funding for adult day services comes from participant fees, third party payers as well as public and philanthropic sources.

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