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Bulldog Brower

Richard Gland
Ring name(s) Bulldog Brower
Dick "The Bulldog" Brower
Delaware Destroyer
The Gestapo
Billed height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Billed weight 270 lb (120 kg; 19 st)
Born September 17, 1933(1933-09-17)[1]
Wilmington, Delaware, United States
Died September 15, 1997 (aged 63)[2]
Debut Late 1950s[2]
Retired Late 1980s[2]

Richard Gland[2] (September 17, 1933[1]'September 15, 1997[2]) was an American professional wrestler who used the ring name Bulldog Brower.


[edit] Professional wrestling career

Gland started his career in the Delaware territory in the late 1950s under the ring name the Delaware Destroyer.[2] In 1961, Brower traveled to Canada to wrestle for Stu Hart in his wrestling promotion Stampede Wrestling.[2] After his run in Stampede Wrestling, Brower wrestled for Frank Tunney in Toronto. There, Brower won the NWA International Tag Team Championship (Toronto version) five times.

Brower then traveled to Puerto Rico, where he competed for the World Wrestling Council (WWC). In WWC, he won the NWA North American Tag Team Championship (Puerto Rico/WWC version).

Brower also wrestled for National Wrestling Federation (NWF), where he won the NWF North American Heavyweight Championship. Brower went on to wrestle for another wrestling promotion this time World Championship Wrestling (Australia) where he won the NWA Austra-Asian Heavyweight Championship.

After his run in the NWF, Brower got a call from Vincent J. McMahon to come and be a heel in the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF).

He retired from professional wrestling in the late 1980s.[2] During his career Brower faced wrestlers such as Bruno Sammartino, Johnny Valentine, Tiger Jeet Singh, Bob Backlund, Whipper Watson, The Sheik, The Fabulous Kangaroos, Johnny Powers, Spiros Arion, Bobby Duncum, Sr., and Ernie Ladd.

[edit] Personal life

Gland dropped out of chiropractic school to pursue a career as a professional wrestler.[2]

After living with diabetes, Gland died in September 1997 from complications from hip surgery.[2] At the time of his death, Gland was married to Susan and had two daughters and a son, as well as four grandchildren.[3]

[edit] Championships and accomplishments

[edit] References

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