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Resell rights

Many ebooks and pieces of software, especially in the field of online or internet marketing, are sold with resell rights included. It is therefore necessary to distinguish between normal resell rights and master resell rights.

Most resale rights packages will not let you alter any of its content or in any way change/tamper with the information. Always read the disclaimers surrounding them. If you wanted to change the content you would have to contact the author and request a partnership or buy the editing rights to the product.


[edit] Rights

[edit] Normal resell rights

Normal resell rights mean that after you buy the item you will be allowed to sell it to your customers. There may be limitations, like that you can only sell the product for a specific price. This term is also known as Resale Rights. Products that came with resell rights means that you can sell the product to just about anyone and keep 100% of the profit. The product you sell though should only include the PUO (Personal Use Only) right, in other word, you can NOT give the resell rights when you sell this type of products.[citation needed]

[edit] Master resell rights

When you acquire master resell rights, you sell the product/service to your customers, and you may also grant your customers the right to sell it. You can also pass master resell rights to your customers, if you are in possession of transferrable master resell rights. This allows your customers to also sell the product with master resell rights.

[edit] Private label

With private label resell rights, you may not only resell the product but you may also edit the content or product and claim it as your own work (meaning, you become its author).

[edit] Rebranding

With rebranding resell rights, you may replace the author links with yours. That is in addition to normal resell rights.

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