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Eighteenth Annual
National Magazine Awards Winners


Profiles Sponsored by Quebecor Printing Inc.

Gold: Terry Gould "The Search for Steven Wong", Saturday Night
Silver: Peter Worthington "Private Brown", Saturday Night

Honorable Mention:
Michel Arsenault "Il est minuit, Dr. Teasdale", L'actualité
Bruce Grierson "Bound for Glory", Western Living
Gerald Hannon "Provocateur", Toronto Life
Micheline Lachance "La pasionaria du Québec", Elle Québec
Gillian MacKay "Lady Oracle", Canadian Art
Louis-Bernard Robitaille "Une tornade nommée Bravo", Madame au Foyer
Michael Woloschuk "Fading Into the Future", New Brunswick Reader
Daniel Wood "Seeking Human Roots in the Depths of God's Brain", The Georgia Straight

Humour Sponsored by Imasco Ltd.

Gold: Andrew Struthers "The Green Shadow", The Georgia Straight
Silver: Mordecai Richler "Err Mail", Saturday Night

Honorable Mention:
Charles Macli "Popular Economics and Other Oxymora", Report on Business Magazine
Paul Quarrington "Gourmet Grub", Harrowsmith

Business Sponnsored by Ernst & Young

Gold: David Baines "The Baines of Their Existence", Vancouver
Silver: Ann Walmsley "Attack of the Softwarriors", Report on Business Magazine

Honorable Mention:
Laurent Fontaine "Les temps sont durs, camarade", Revue Commerce
Louise Gendron "La sauce Chili", L'actualité
Martin Knelman "The Players", Toronto Life
Jeanne Morazain "Mockba, la révolution de la pierre", Plan
Michael Posner "Conspiracy at the Globe?", Toronto Life
Mark Stevenson "The Hired Hand Waves Goodbye", Canadian Business
Jennifer Wells "Wheel of Fortune", Report on Business Magazine
Jennifer Wells "Stars Under Ice", Report on Business Magazine

Science, Health and Medicine Sponsored by Nestlé Canada Inc.

Gold: Barbara Wade Rose "Fatal Dose", Saturday Night
Silver: Véronique Robert & Pascale Millot "Dossier: Cancer du sein", Châtelaine

Honorable Mention:
Wayne Campbell "Probing the Neutrino", Canadian Geographic
Jim Christy "Everywhere But Canada, You Say?", The Georgia Straight
Claire Gagnon "La chasse aux négawatts", Mega Plan
Tony Leighton "The New Nature", Equinox
Patricia Pearson "Murder on her Mind", Saturday Night
Véronique Robert "Une mort plus douce", Châtelaine
Jean-Pierrs Rogel "Chasseurs de gènes" Québec Science

Sports and Recreation

Gold: Kerry Banks "Death Zone", Vancouver
Silver: Marty Klinkenberg "All theKing's Horses", NewBrunswick Reader

Honorable Mention
Kerry Banks "Little Big Man", Canadian Business
Luc Chartrand "L'amazone des neiges", L'actualité
Gare Joyce "See Dick run the Olympics", Saturday Night
Jake MacDonald & Paul Quarrington "The Writers, the Weather & the Really Big Fish", Cottage Life


Gold: Joe Salina "Musical Mayhem", University of Toronto
Silver: Barry Blitt "Through the Roof", Toronto Life

Honorable Mention:
Roxanna Bikadoroff "False Immersion", Saturday Night
Roxanna Bikadoroff "The Nature of Pure Evil", Western Living
Alain Massicotte "Les dessous de l'affaire Fabrikant", L'actualité
Joe Salina "Our Home & Native Land", Cottage Life
Joe Salina "Edinburgh or Bust", Saturday Night


Gold: David Zimmer "The Well-Equipped Q", Cottage Life
Silver: Diane Forrest "Our Home & Native Land", Cottage Life

Honorable Mention:
Terry Brodie "How to Murder Your Business", Profit Home Business
Sarah Hampson "The Dreaded D-Word" , Homemker's Magazine
Elizabeth Irving "The Art of Water Gardening", Canadian Gardening
Chris Knowles "Treading on Thin Ice", Cottage Life
Pierre Lacerte "Pour en finir avec les dettes", Affaires Plus

Public Issues

Gold: Kenneth Kidd "Big Mac Meets the McUnion Kid", Report on Busines Magazine
Silver: Diane Forrest "Our Home & Native Land", Cottage Life

Honorable Mention
Luc Chartrand "Vent noir sur l'Afrique blanche", L'actualité
James Chatto "The Bernardo Industry", Toronto Life
Georges-Hébert Germain "Miami: la belle et la bête", L'actualité
Doug Saunders "The Irate Parent Industry", This Magazine
Beverley Sinclair "From Behind the Mask", The Georgia Straight
Clive Thompson "I Hate You Back", This Magazine
Kenneth Whyte "The face that sank a thousand Tories", Saturday Night

Personal Journalism

Gold: Norman Doidge "The Suit", Saturday Night
Silver: John Lekich "A Keen Sense of Occasion", The Georgia Straight

Honorable Mention:
Douglas Coupland "This Bridge is Ours", Vancouver
Sylvia Fraser "Freud's Final Seduction", Saturday Night
Bob Levin "A Few Words About Adoption", Maclean's
Martin O'Malley "The Good Ol' Hockey Game", Imperial Oil Review
Jim Scott "The Endless Climb", Equinox

Still-Life Photography

Gold: Taffi Rosen "Luscious Liaisons", City & County Home
Silver: Chris Nicholls "Summerize", Toronto Life Fashion

Honorable Mention:
Hill Peppard "The Pomp of Pomegranate", Gusto!
Michael Mahovlich "Party Nibbles", Canadian Living
Tim Saunders "Rites of Spring", City & Country Home
Robert Wigington "Grill Guides", Cottage Life


Gold: Lorna Crozier "The Old Order/Night/The White Planet", Grain
Silver: Di Brandt "A Suite of Poems by Di Brandt", The New Quarterly

Honorable Mention:
Marilyn Bowering "How Were the People Made?", The Malahat Review
Patrick Friesen "Finding God and other poems", Poetry Canada
Sarah Klassen "Spoils/Crowned/A Proper Limit", Event
Janice Kulyk Keefer "Painted Ladies", Border Crossings
Anne Le Dressay "Sleep is a Country", Queen's Quarterly
John Reibetanz "A Chain for Stephanie", The Malahat Review

Arts and Entertainment

Gold: Georges-Hébert Germain "Dragone, le philosophe du cirque", L'actualité
Silver: Douglas Featherling "The Oracle at Kitsilano", Saturday Night

Honorable Mention:
Don Gillmor "Satisfaction", Saturday Night
Sylvie Halpern "Cantique des plaines", L'actualité
Brian D. Johnson "Exotic Atom", Maclean's
Charles Oberdorf "The Talk of The New Yorker", Saturday Night
Richard Rhodes "A la Recherche de Barnes Perdu", Canadian Art

Words and Pictures Sponsored by Passage Prepress Inc.

Gold: Jim Cormier, Janice McLean, Laurel Aziz, Adrian Dorst "You are a 1000-year-old western red cedar", Equinox
Silver: Barbarad J. Sibbald, Peter De Gannes, Ray Fennelly "A Time That Was", This Country Canada

Honorable Mention:
Dianne de Fenoyl, Carmen Dunjko, Albert Nerenberg, John Goddard "As Québec Turns", Saturday Night
Lizann Flatt, Tim Davin, Anita Schill, Danielle Jones "Bare Naked Bark", Chickadee
James Glave, Tom Brown, Douglas Coupland "Where Do You Live?", Vancouver


Gold: Elizabeth Hay "Hand Games", The Capilano Review
Silver: Michel Rivard "Bonne nuit, Théo!", L'actualité

Honorable Mention:
George Elliot "Be Realistic", Exile
Joan Fern Shaw "Pink Highlights on Walmer Road", Queen's Quarterly
Steven Heighton "The Dead and the Missing", The New Quarterly
Patrick Roscoe "Zanzibar", The Malahat Review

Portrait Photography

Gold: Nigel Dickson "The Disappearing Man", Canadian Art
Silver: Michael Mitchell "Our Town", Canadian Art

Honorable Mention:
Suzanne Ahearne "The Wrong Man", Saturday Night
Patrick Harbron "Postcards from the East", EnRoute
Labonté/Johl "A Really Really Big Shoe", Saturday Night
Russell Monk "Captains of Imagery", Report on Business Magazine
Chris Nicholls "Douglas Coupland", Saturday Night
Deborah Samuel "Irish Soul", Saturday Night

Art Direction for a Single Article

Gold: John Ormsby "Our Town", Canadian Art
Silver: Barbara Solowan "Luscious Liaisons", City & Country Home

Honorable Mention:
Tom Brown "Brollywood Confidential", Vancouver
Tom Brown "Canuckle Heads", Vancouver
Tim Davin "Ants are it!", Owl Magazine
Carmen Dunjko "The Cirque at Work", Saturday Night
Susan McCallum & Claude Martel "The Sublime is Now (Again)", C Magazine
John Ormsby "Mennonnites", Canadian Art


Gold: Sylvia Fraser "Freud's Final Seduction", Saturday Night
Silver: Marci McDonald "Community of Dreams ", Maclean's

Honorable Mention:
Anne Bains "Too Much For MuchMusic"
David Beers "We're No Angels", Vancouver
Kate Fillion "What Womes Really Think of Each Other", Saturday Night
Peter Foster "Homecoming", Toronto Life
Robert Fulford "The Ideology of the Book", Queen's Quarterly


Gold: Benoît Aubin "Le grand destin du cannabis/Pas encore un match revanche?!/Le phoque et l'habitant", L'actualité
Silver: Kenneth Whyte "No Files on Me/Liberal Treatment/Just Assassins", Saturday Night

Honorable Mention:
George Bain "Potholes on the information highway,Goining easy on the Liberals/Cross-border journalism", Maclean's
Timothy Findley "The Blue Barn/Water Hazards/Looking Back", Harrowsmith
Diane Forrest "The case of the careful yuppie/The case of the desperate dad/The case of the duout dilemma", Cottage Life
John Fraser "The Dalai Lama of Generation X/The Mark of Zero/Basic Black", Saturday Night
Jacques Godbout "Le nouveau visage de la censure/Sexex en Germanie,amour en Provence/Non au prêt-à-penser" , L'actualité
Bob Levin "The crime of making children disappear/A few words about adoption/Local boys and foreign flags", Maclean's
Mordecai Richler "Freedom of…ahh…speech/Err mail/Why I hate Schindler's List", Saturday Night

Magazine Covers Sponsored by Transcontinental Printing Inc.

Gold: Lina McPhee "Canada's Top 150 Restaurants", EnRoute
Silver: Carmen Dunjko "Douglas Coupland", Saturday Night

Honorable Mention:
Carmen Dunjko "The Wrong Man", Saturday Night
Susan McCallum & Claude Martel "The Modern World of Tati", C Magazine
Susan McCallum & Claude Martel "On the Silver Beat: Lois Etherington Betteridge", Ontario Craft
Janice McLean "Grave Secrets", Equinox
Lina McPhee "Western Swing", EnRoute
John Ormsby "10th Anniversary", Canadian Art
Barbara Solowan "Home Focus Entertaining", City & Country Home

Spot Illustration

Gold: Kathy Boake "What Women Really Think of Each Other", Saturday Night
Silver: Roxanna Bikadoroff "Kids R Hell", Saturday Night

Honorable Mention:
Kathy Boake "House-Breaking", Saturday Night
Mike Constable "Canada's 'cleavage-producing' Wonderbra takes America by storm", Saturday Night
Mike Constable "Seasonal Symptoms", Saturday Night
Joe Salina "Let's look at that again", Broadcast Week Baseball Preview
Pol Turgeon "Having my lox and being Pope too", Saturday Night


Gold: Denis Desro, Serge Barbeau, Claudine Blanchet, Monique Macot "Le style bord de mer", Elle Québec
Silver: Brad MacIver, Deborah Samuel, Catherine Franklin "Nuanced Neutrals", Toronto Life Fashion

Honorable Mention:
Denis Desro, Serge Barbeau, Claudine Blanchet, Monique Macot "Le style bord de mer", Elle Québec
Brad MacIver, Alice Unger, Chris Nicholls, Catherine Franklin "Summerize", Toronto Life Fashion
Brad MacIver, George Whiteside, Catherine Franklin "Lilac, claret, kelly, etc.", Toronto Life Fashion
Brad MacIver, George Whiteside, Catherine Franklin "Typecasting", Toronto Life Fashion


Gold: Alison Wearing "Staring Down the Beast -- A Trip to Serbia", Queen's Quarterly
Silver: Daniel Richler "Budapest Calling", Shift

Honorable Mention:
Carole Beaulieu "Le Canada d'en bas", L'actualité
Hubert de Santana "The Pubs of Dublin", Reader's Digest
Chantal Éthier "Il était une fois les Pyrénées", Châtelaine
Alberto Manguel "Potbellied mozzarella, pork delicacies and refugee Turks", Toronto Life
Rohinton Mistry "Edinburgh or Bust", Saturday Night


Gold: Larry Towell "Eyeless in Gaza", Quarry Magazine
Silver: Mirko Petricevic "The New Brotherhood"

Honorable Mention:
Ted Grant "Who was Sue Rodriguez?", This Country Canada
Rob Howard "Paradise Logged", Saturday Night
Russell Monk "Goma", Coldtype
Brian Smale "The Cirque at Work", Saturday Night
Jeff Speed "Behind the Lines", Equinox
Larry Towell "Gaza", Border Crossings

Art Direction for an Entire Issue Sponsored by Quebecor Printing Inc.

Gold: John Ormsby "Fall 1994", Canadian Art
Silver: Marc Stewart "Fall 1994", Wedding Bells

Honorable Mention:
Carmen Dunjko "December 1994", Saturday Night
Susan McCallum & Claude Martel "Fall 1994", C Magazine
Jacques Pilon "October 1994", Canadian House & Home
Barbara Solowan "September 1994", City & Country Home

One-of-a-Kind Articles

Gold: Luc Chartrand "Vivement le dimanche!", L'actualité
Silver: David Macfarlane "The Lie", Toronto Life

Honorable Mention:
Jean Benoît Nadeau "Toronto PQ", Revue Commerce
Rick Boychuck "Family Skeletons", Saturday Night
Arthur Kelly "About the Law", Hamilton This Month
Sid Marty "White Bears of the Rainforest", Canadian Geographic
Evan Soloman "Inside the Head of Citytv", Shift
Tom Walmsley "Maxine", Geist

Editorial Package

Gold: Paule Beaugrand-Champagne, Jean Paré, Yanick Villedieu, Louise Gendron, Cluade Marcil "La famille dans tous ses états", L'actualité
Silver: Andrew Phillips and Maclean's staff "A Few Bad Men", Maclean's

Honorable Mention:
Jim Cormier, Robert Colapinto, Tim Falconer "How Hockey Works", Equinox
Ann Dowsett Johnston, Maclean's staff "Universities -- Measuring Excellence", Maclean's
Anne-Marie Lecomte, Jean Benoît Nadeau, Pierre Duhamel "Le TOP 50 du Pouvoir et de l'Influence au Québec", Affaires Plus
Sarah Milroy, Mark Cheetham, John Goddard, Arthur Kroker, Gillian MacKay, Gerta Moray, Murray Pomerance "Six Paintings by Alex Colville: A Symposium",Canadian Art
Rick Spence, Jennifer Low, Jennifer Myers, Brian Higgins, Allan Lynch, Terry Brodie "Startup Guide", Profit
Jim Sutherland, Robin Ajello, Laurel Wellman, Taras Grescoe, Kerry Banks, Daniel Wood "Secrets of the City", Vancouver

President's Medal Sponsored by the University of Western Ontario

Luc Chartrand "Vivement le dimanche!", L'actualité

Magazine of the Year

Canadian Art

Honorable Mention:
C Magazine

The Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement

Jean Paré, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, L'actualité


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