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Serial Publication (Periodical)

  1. Sources HotLink - July 24, 2014
    Featuring news on imprisoned journalists in Egypt and Burma, the bias in media coverage of Israeli deaths versus Palestinian death, newspaper closures in Canada, and topic-fo-the-week focuses on Gaza, Surveillance, and Prostitution.
  2. Sources HotLink - August 28, 2014
    Featuring news on Internet freedom and censorship, killings of journalists by the Israeli military, and a cross-Canada ride for climate action.
  3. Sources HotLink - September 11, 2014
    Featuring Micahel Riordon's Bold Scientists: Dispatches from the Battle for Honest Science, plus China continuing attempts to control and regulate media in Hong Kong, and attempts to free three imprisoned Al Jazeera journalists in Egypt.
  4. Sources HotLink - September 25, 2014
    Items include increasing government control of the Internet and other media, as well as the violence faced by journalists globally. We also present articles regarding the journalistic coverage of the Ray Rice abuse scandal and the importance of women in top editing jobs. The featured topic of the week is cancer.
  5. Sources HotLink - June 9, 2015
    This issue features many stories related to the themes of journalistic standards and censorship. With increasing pressure from corporations and governments, reporters are finding it more and more difficult to report on issues that affect powerful interests. The problem lies not only with top-down pressure and control, but also with journalists themselves. Journalists often frame their stories to support particular narratives or points of view. Also in this issue: books, movies and other resources related to the theme of censorship, journalistic integrity, and acess to information.
  6. Sources HotLink - June 30, 2015
    Propaganda, the suppression of free speech and campaigns against whistleblowers are global problems. Propaganda occurs in North America just as it happens everywhere else. This week, we focus on violations closer to home. American whistleblowers, western mainstream "news" propaganda outlets and how the people are fighting back from within the system. Our items of the week feature a website, book and topic focused on the theme of censorship. For our marketing enthusiasts, we include a book on upholding media relations along with guides to building effective internet and social media marketing campaigns.
  7. Sources HotLink - July 22, 2015
    This issue features articles on censorship and violence. Closer to home, we look at media and public interpretations of the Charleston massacre. Overseas, we explore brutal police tactics and violent suppression of free expression. For our marketers, feature an expert interview on the current state of print media. Following the tone of the interview, we also feature a guide on incorporation social media into your marketing strategy. Also featured in this article, is a book on environmental exploitation and a movie on worker exploitation.
  8. Sources HotLink - August 26, 2015
    Read about unethical corporate behaviours and the impotence in the SEC in regulating the U.S. stock exchange. In media, we find more evidence to support what we already suspect: Fox News is heavily biased. International trade and copyright laws are exploited to the detriment of disabled persons and a civil rights group has taken an ideological about-face. For marketers, publishers and content creators, we feature a guide to viral advertisements and an article expressing the need and some basic guidelines for data security. We also feature a book on Internet censorship.
  9. Sources HotLink - August 12, 2015
    This issue features articles that are centred around the theme of the big overpowering the small; through physical violence, deception, law and slander. Those who are powerful have always exerted their strength to control the thoughts and behaviours of the weak. In the past, it was straightforward -- through force. In modern times, however, this control is much less obvious. For our marketers and public relations specialists, we offer guides in internet marketing: one article on the current state of internet communications and another article on search engine optimization. Also included in this issue is a film about corporate abuse of power and a book on news stories that stand the test of time.
  10. Sources HotLink - March 21, 2016
    Refugees, censorship and North American politics. This issue looks at nine of the most influential whistleblowers in modern history. In France, instances of police violence increase tension in the refugee crisis. Cyberspace sees an unprecedented move in advertising as AdBlock lowers its walls for Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders to raise awareness about censorship and government cyber-spying. Media professionals get expert insight on the state of earned media. Film buff activists learn about life in the Favelas. Bookworms are invited to read Chomsky on the mass media.
  11. Sources HotLink - April 21, 2016
    In this issue of Sources Hotlink: The Panama Papers are out and they’re reaking havoc to governments all around the world. They’ve already take down the Icelandic Prime Minister but he won’t be the only one to fall. Meanwhile, in Sudan, the women’s movement struggles and Germany sells out one of their own citizens. Also in this issue, we take a little look at what computer automated journalism looks like and the business value of Reddit.
  12. Sources HotLink - May 26, 2016
    This issue takes a look at the good and bad of governments. Stateside, the NSA and CIA are at it again. Repeating mistakes in spite of media scandals and public outcry. Spies will be spies. In Uganda, censorship flexes its muscles and free elections become less free. In the Russian cyberspace, a though provoking debate is being had over the limitations of free speech. Finally, in the Middle East, we have a bit of hot and cold. The Pakistani Senate celebrates a victory for democracy and the freedom of speech.
  13. Sources HotLink - June 30, 2016
    Articles about the FBI and the information it gathers, Donald Trump and the media, and the role of pharmaceutical companies in suppressing information.
  14. Sources HotLink - July 30, 2016
    This issue centres around the theme of injustice. The injustice of mass murder in Nice, France, the injustice of police violence against African Americans and the injustice of imprisoning those who stand up to police violence. Around the world, we look at Oligarchs who have the power to not only control the world’s money but also the world’s information.
    Media professionals get old school with newspaper advertisements and interviews. Film buffs learn about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and bookworms learn about American elections.