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Sexual Abuse/Assault: Experts and Sources
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Female UNPOL Officers participate in Secretary General Report
Pearson Peacekeeping Centre
The Pearson Peacekeeping Centre (PPC) is advancing United Nations Security Council Resolution 1820 (UN SCR 1820), which addresses the prevention of sexual violence in conflict zones, by bringing Unite...

Sources Select Resources

Feminist Resistance in Serbia
Hughes, Donna M.; Mladjenovic, Lepa; Mrsevic, Zorica
European Journal of Women’s Studies
Describes the conditions and factors influencing women’s lives in Serbia in 1995, and the ways women have organised to resist violence and assist one another.
Getting the Balance Right
Gender Equality in Journalism
International Federation of Journalists
Gender equality in journalism.
How the 'SlutWalk' Has Transformed the Rape Culture Conversation
Mendes, Kaitlynn
It is amidst this wider rape culture, and the ways feminists are fighting back, that SlutWalk not only emerged, but exploded as a global grassroots movement. What is significant about SlutWalk is not ...
Kavita Krishnan: 'Women's Liberation, Everyone's Liberation'
Krishnan, Kavita
Green Left Weekly
Kavita Krishnan, a socialist organizer and a well-known international spokesperson for the movement against sexual violence in India, speaks on sexual violence, everyday sexism, protest, solidarity, a...
Oscar Hangover Special: Why "Spotlight" Is a Terrible Film
Wypijewski, Joann
I am astonished (though I suppose I shouldn't be) that, across the past few months, ever since Spotlight hit theatres, otherwise serious left-of-centre people have peppered their party conversation wi...
Reporting on Sexual Violence
Quick tips on covering sexual violence, from preparation to writing the story.
Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma
The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma provides information on how to cover sexual violence, from preparation to writing the story.
The silencing crime: Sexual violence and journalists
Wolfe, Lauren
Committee to Protect Journalists
Few cases of sexual assault against journalists have ever been documented, a product of powerful cultural and professional stigmas. But now dozens of journalists are coming forward to say they have be...
Stop hate rape!
Hendricks, Pepe
Hate crimes, homophobia and discrimination against queer people are global phenomena that are common practice. This situation is especially experienced in Africa and the Middle East where harsh and pu...
The Torturer as Feminist: From Abu Ghraib to Zero Dark Thirty
Cornell, Matt
How “feminism” is used in service of the American empire.

Sources Bookshelf

Making Monsters
False Memories, Psychotherapy, and Sexual Hysteria
Ofshe, Richard; Watters, Ethan
An exposee of the damage and falsity of recovered-memory therapy.
Media Think
Winter, James
Increasingly the news media are owned by a small group of very large corporations with extensive interests outside the industry, run by the corporate elite.Winter argues that instead of offering diver...


Canadian Woman Studies
A feminist quarterly that makes current writing and research on a variety of feminist topics accessible to the largest possible community of women.

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