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Palestinian students In Gaza prevented from pursuing studies
Friends of Humanity International
Friends of Humanity International calls on the Egyptian authorities to resolve the dilemma of the Palestinians students who are studying abroad and all those besieged in the Gaza Strip.

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Connexions Library: Education, Children Focus
Selected articles, books, websites and other resources on education and children.
Criminalizing Truancy
Should Kids be Jailed for Skipping School?
Fuentes, Annette
American jurisdictions are increasingly turning to the criminal justice system to deal with truancy. Students and parents are being fined, and in some cases jailed, for missing school.
Just Wait Until I Get Tenure
Yates, Michael D
A Facebook friend, Steven Salaita, recently wrote a post about academe arguing that tenure-track professors are kidding themselves if they say they will become more radical once they get tenure. I agr...
Lawsuit Against Google Highlights Mining of Student Data
Telbis, Rozali
Children have become lucrative targets for data mining companies, according to a study by Politico magazine. Just weeks after Google settled a lawsuit for selling student data for advertising, the pub...
Nation (university)
Wikipedia article
Student nations or simply nations (Latin: natio meaning "being born") are regional corporations of students at a university. Once widespread across Europe in medieval times, they are now largely restr...
Sources for Students
SUPA - Student Union for Peace Action
Connexipedia Article
Stevenson, William
A Canadian student organization active from 1964 to 1967.
"The Backdrop Against Which Everything Happened"
English-Canadian Student Movements and Off-Campus Movements for Change
Lexier, Roberta
History of Intellectual Culture, Volume 7, No. 1
Examines the relationship between the 1960s' student movements at English-Canadian universities and provincial, national, and international movements for change.

Sources Bookshelf

Reading Lolita in Tehran
Nafisi, Azar


Canada's student recruitment and job listings magazine.
The Student Traveller
A travel magazine featuring articles on travel in general and to specific destinations, with focus on student travellers and backpackers.

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