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Actuarial Consultants of Canada Limited
"Lawyers, Adjusters and Insurers Save Time and Costs Using the Internet"
- Jack Patterson, F.S.A., has developed, on web site, an online program where your computer operator takes 20 minutes to input personal injury data directly into the Internet, and in three seconds an actuarial report on damages appears on your screen for immediate printing and negotiation.
- Had you retained an actuary for the same job and then later tried the Internet program using the same data, the results would differ by only a fraction of 1%. Previously, the slow, tedious, costly process involving an actuary was your only option.
- Mr. Patterson invested 5,000 hours in this program. All the actuarial work is done. The lawyer, the computer operator and the online program can now do all the work. A nominal charge of $180 is made as a partial recovery for the work of creating the program.

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