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Stiefel Canada Inc.
Stiefel Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of Stiefel Laboratories Inc., an international company with its headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida, specializing in dermatologic products.
As the leader in the field of dermatology, Stiefel Canada Inc. offers physicians, pharmacists and patients over 140 quality products. The line includes treatments for acne, seborrhea, psoriasis, eczema, warts, footcare, photodamage, rosacea and dry skin conditions.
Stiefel Canada products include SOLUGEL® and PanOxyl® (benzoyl peroxides), PRSTIEVAMYCIN® Gel (erythromycin and tretinoin), and PRRETISOL-A® (tretinoin) for acne; topical corticosteroids such as PRCYCLOCORT®, NERISONE® and SARNA HC®; POLYTAR® family of medicated shampoos; REJUVA-A® Skin Revitalizing System for the treatment and protection of photodamaged skin; and DUOFILM® Liquid, DUOFILM® Patch, DUOFILM® Gel for Kids, DUOFORTE® 27, DUOPLANT® wart preparations.
In May 1996, Stiefel Canada Inc. acquired Trans CanaDerm Inc. (TCD) and now markets the acquired products under the Stiefel corporate banner. These include: BURO-SOL®, EMO-CORT®, PREVEX® Skin Protectants, TERSASEPTIC® Antibacterial Cleanser, TERSA-TAR® Shampoo and UREMOL® Creams and Lotions for the repair and restoration of dry skin.
Recently DUOFILM® Plantar Patch for plantar warts was introduced. Each package contains 24 medicated patches and 24 dual-purpose cushioned protective pads for added comfort and complete patient information.
The latest fine product to emerge from the Stiefel Laboratories is PRROSASOL® Cream -- the first and only topical metronidazole for the treatment of rosacea to provide built-in SPF 15 sunscreen protection.

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