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L'Arche Canada
L'Arche Canada, established in 1969, is a national association of 26 ecumenical communities coast-to-coast, providing homes and day programs to more than 600 Canadians with developmental disabilities.
Canadian Jean Vanier, the son of former Governor General Georges Vanier, launched the first L'Arche community in the world when he welcomed two men with disabilities into his home in Trosly, France, in 1964.
Today there are more than 120 L'Arche communities located in 30 countries on six continents. Together these communities aim to transform our world by creating homes where people of differing abilities and of various cultures, races and religions form nurturing relationships and reveal their unique gifts.
L'Arche Canada hopes to strengthen the social fabric of our nation by proving that love and hope are possible despite our differences.
In 2004, L'Arche Canada will join other L'Arche communities around the world in celebrating 40 years of community building with Jean Vanier.

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