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Moosehead Breweries Limited
Moosehead Breweries is Canada's oldest, and last, major independent brewery. It is the country's third largest brewery and the only to be locally owned and operated in the Maritime provinces. The Moosehead legacy is an Oland family tradition that has a history spanning more than one hundred years -- back to 1867. The company brews ten different brands of beer in the Maritime market. The brands include Moosehead Beer, Moosehead Premium Dry, Moosehead Light, Alpine Lager, Alpine Light, Alpine Genuine Cold-Filtered Beer, Clancy's Amber Ale, Ten-Penny Ale and Moosehead Pale Ale. Moosehead also brews and distributes Molson Canadian Beer in the Maritimes under a cross licensing agreement with Molson Breweries. Outside the Maritimes, only Moosehead Beer is sold. Moosehead Canadian Lager Beer is exported to ten countries around the world including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Norway, the Republic of Ireland and Japan. (The beer is distinctively recognized by its green bottle). Moosehead's brewhouse in Saint John, New Brunswick is one of the most sophisticated and modern in North America.

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