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Networks of Centres of Excellence in Molecular and Interfacial Dynamics (CEMAID)
CEMAID was formed in 1990 by Canada's top chemical physicists, including Nobel Laureate John Polanyi. Their objective: to capitalize, scientifically and economically, on an area of expertise in which Canada excels -- the study of the reactions and interactions that occur when molecules come into contact with each other in gases, liquids, or on surfaces. A subject of great scientific interest worldwide, the findings that are emerging from the field of molecular and interfacial dynamics have major implications for industrial processes and products in many industrial sectors.
CEMAID's research projects address the four most challenging -- and promising -- areas in this field: Scale-Dependent Properties of Matter; Chemical Reactions in Complex Environments; Laser Coherent Control; and Nonadiabatic Molecular Energetics and Dynamics. Within these four areas, groups of experiments are taking place under the direction of 45 CEMAID Participants and over 120 CEMAID-funded research associates, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. They are working in the laboratories of 15 universities and the National Research Council of Canada.

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