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Ontario Ministry of Culture Tourism and Recreation
The ministry promotes cultural expression and development and encourages heritage preservation. It supports a number of community and provincial cultural and historical facilities, and assists the growth and development of Ontario's cultural interests and industries. It delivers programs in support of libraries and community information centres, heritage conservation, the arts and cultural industries, and supports a number of provincial cultural agencies and institutions.
In the area of tourism, the Ministry supports the hospitality, accommodation and attractions industry with consultation, grants and loans. It promotes Ontario as a tourist destination through domestic and international marketing programs.
The recreation end of the Ministry involves both fitness and amateur sport. The Ministry works closely with all the sports associations, operators of community centres, the playing fields, the snowmobile trails, and hockey rinks to promote recreation. Support can range from funding a high profile Olympic athlete to helping a community build a community centre; from marketing a sports safety program to training coaches and other volunteers.
Art Gallery of Ontario
Huronia Historical Parks
McMichael Canadian Art Collection
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Niagara Parks Commission
Ottawa Congress Centre
Ontario Arts Council
Ontario Film Development Corporation
Old Fort William
Ontario Heritage Foundation
Ontario Lottery Corporation
Ontario Library Services -- North
Ontario Place Corporation
Ontario Science Centre
Ontario Trillium Foundation
Royal Botanical Gardens
Royal Ontario Museum
Science North
St. Clair Parkway Commission
St. Lawrence Parks Commission
Southern Ontario Library Service
Thunder Bay Ski Jumps Limited
Ontario Educational Communications Authority (TVOntario)

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