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News Release

CNE to Exhibit Canada's Largest Textile Art Project

June 30, 2008 -- For Immediate Release

Williamstown ON - Quilt of Belonging, a national work of art made by cultural groups from across Canada, will be on display at the Canadian National Exhibition, Direct Energy Centre, from August 15 to September 1, 2008.

Quilt of Belonging is a 120-foot-long tapestry that is unique in the extent of its inclusiveness. The rich, cultural legacies portrayed in the 263 blocks include every nation of the world and all of Canada's First Peoples, all part of the Canadian mosaic. Whether the cultural group in Canada is a large one such as the Chinese or Italian, or tiny, consisting of only one or two individuals like San Marino, Vanuatu or Kiribati, all are included.

Quilt of Belonging began as the dream of Williamstown, Ontario artist Esther Bryan, who wanted to symbolically show that there is a place for everyone in the fabric of society. "Though culturally diverse, we are linked by a common humanity from which to build our future," said Ms Bryan. The project, which began in 1998, took six and a half years and thousands of volunteer hours to complete. People from Victoria to Newfoundland to the Arctic Circle participated to make the dream a reality.

The Quilt has had 16 previous exhibits, including the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Calgary's Glenbow Museum, Pier 21 in Halifax and several sites in the high Arctic. Over 400,000 people have seen the exhibit so far, bringing record attendances to many of the institutions. Following the Canadian National Exhibition, the exhibit will be the centerpiece for UNESCO's International Council on Monuments and Sites conference in Quebec City. The Quilt will also be a feature exhibit at Vancouver's 2010 Olympic Games. Quilt of Belonging has established an impressive and rapidly growing record. Attendance at the CNE alone is expected to surpass 1.3 million.

Quilt of Belonging is a registered non-profit organization led by a volunteer board, whose members represent different areas of expertise but together share a common vision. The Quilt of Belonging website includes a history of the project as well as a list of board members and corporate sponsors. Photographs are available upon request. www.quiltofbelonging.ca

Media Contacts:

Esther Bryan, Artist / Project Coordinator Marcy Kuzemchak, CNE Media Office
Quilt of Belonging Canadian National Exhibition
Box 100 Press Building, Exhibition Place
Williamstown, Ontario K0C 2J0 Toronto, Ontario M6K 3C3
Phone: 613 347-2381 Phone 416 263-3821
E-mail: info@quiltofbelonging.ca Email : mkuzemchak@theex.com

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