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News Release

Contemporary Lifestyle Consulting Inc. Celebrates Transitions with Two-Year Anniversary

September 25, 2007

Contemporary Lifestyle Consulting Inc. celebrates its two-year anniversary this September with a 10 percent discount on the audio book, "Stay Sane Through Change."

Victoria, BC September 25, 2007 - Contemporary Lifestyle Consulting Inc., a consulting service for personal lifestyle management, celebrates its two-year anniversary this month with a 10 percent sale on the audio book, "Stay Sane Through Change."

"The transitions of life aren't always easy to navigate," said Tolu Adeleye, Ph.D., one of the co-founders of CLCI. "That's why we created CLCI. We wanted to empower people going through major life changes and enable them to cope with these transitions."

Contemporary Lifestyle Consulting was founded in September 2005 by Adeleye and Dave Webster, M.A. They met in the church that Adeleye had attended for 8 years, where Webster had come on as senior pastor.

Adeleye had looked at personal lifestyle consulting opportunities before, and found a kindred spirit in Webster as a business partner.

"We wanted to help people utilize times of major life changes as stepping stones to greater fulfillment," said Adeleye. "We sought to help people move forward and find the answers within themselves."

Their book, "Stay Sane Through Change: How To Rise Above The Challenges Of Life's Complex Transitions," was published in December, 2005. Available in both print and audio versions, the book aims to help people cope with the mental and emotional upheaval of major life transitions.

"We had so many people coming up to us, asking, 'How do I stay sane through this?'" Adeleye said. "The title came out of that and out of our own personal experiences with life changes."

The book takes a topical and biographical approach to its subject. After giving tips and pointers, Adeleye and Webster use examples from their own lives as illustrations.

For her own part, Adeleye gave birth to a baby girl the same week that her mother died, forcing her to deal with two major life transitions at once.

"It was rough," Adeleye said. "I was wondering how I was going to deal with the transition to being a new mother when I had just lost my own mother."

Webster experienced many life transitions himself and counseled many others dealing with cultural sensitivities that clashed with western cultural norms. He shares those experiences in "Stay Sane Through Change" to encourage others undertaking similar cross cultural transitions.

Those experiences provide the basis for "Stay Sane Through Change" and fueled CLCI's mission of helping people to move forward through the major transitions in their lives.

"We're proud to be celebrating two years as lifestyle consultants," said Adeleye. "And we hope to be celebrating many more to come!"

For more information about CLCI or to take advantage of their 10 percent discount on "Stay Sane Through Change," visit them online at www.staysanethroughchange.com

About CLCI

F. David Webster, M.A. and Tolulope A. Adeleye, Ph.D. founded Contemporary Lifestyle Consulting in September 2005. CLCI seeks to empower people with time-tested tools for turning times of change into stepping stones to greater fulfillment.

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