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Speakers available

(Toronto) December 26, 2005 - From Monday December 26, 2005 to Wednesday January 4, 2006, Vote for a Change and its partners will be available to speak to the issues that matter most to Canadians.


  • Cathy Crowe, Street Nurse, 416-560-7235 (cell); housing issues and homelessness
  • Josephine Grey, Low Income Families Together & Democracy Watch, 416-827-7119
    (cell), 416-963-9294 (home); poverty issues, child benefits, government accountability, human rights, socio-economic roots of crime and NAFTA.
  • Doris Grinspun, RN, MSN, Ph.D, Executive Director, Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario, 416-828-1852 (cell); access to health care and health determinants.
  • David Langille, Director, Centre for Social Justice, 416-927-0777 (work); socio-economic roots of poverty; security and peace issues; tax cuts.
  • Jesse Greener, Ontario Chairperson, Canadian Federation of Students, 416-301-5747 (cell); student and post-secondary issues, youth issues
  • Dennis Howlett, National Anti-Poverty Organization, 613-889-0141 (cell), 613-233-7139 (home); poverty; healthcare; tax cuts.
  • Tam Goossen, President of Community Social Planning Council of Toronto, (416) 964-3595; immigrant settlement; community development; racism
  • Marvyn Novick, Professor of Social Policy, Ryerson University (416) 534-7982 (home), (416) 846-0999 (cell); social policy; poverty
  • Stewart Wells, President of National Farmer's Union, (306) 773-6852; rural issues, agriculture; genetically modified foods
  • Sri Guggan Sri-Skanda-Rajah, President of Urban Alliance on Race Relations,
    (416) 757-6043 (work), (416) 460-1324 (cell); racism; immigrant settlement

The federal government is not meeting its national responsibilities towards children and seniors, not providing affordable housing, health care or education. It is not protecting the environment or contributing development assistance consistent with Canadian values and international obligations.

In an effort to fight this trend, the Centre for Social Justice launched the Vote for a Change campaign - a non-partisan, issues-based campaign whose aim is to educate people to vote for politicians who are willing to re-invest in Canada and re-invest in Canadians.

The listed speakers are part of this initiative. They can provide your viewers and listeners with comprehensive and timely information on why our federal government needs to concentrate on social infrastructure, rather than buying votes.

For further information please contact:
David Langille, Director,
Romana King, Media Relations,

"We want our taxes back
... back into our hospitals
... back into our schools
... back into our communities"

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