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Ex-Serviceman to buy a Double-Double
and Donut for Canadian Troops

December 1, 2006


Burlington, Ontario - Wanting to do something to show his support of our troops fighting in Afghanistan, ex-serviceman John Podlewski is sending 2,600 sets of gift certificates to buy each of our troops a large double-double and a donut.

Podlewski hails from Thunder Bay, Ontario. “When you've been in their situation before, you really understand what the daily challenges are like, both for them and their loved ones waiting at home. And I just got so tired of not being able to do something, that when I found out there was a Tim's on the air base, I knew they'd appreciate a little touch of home and a reminder that we're so proud of them and are praying for their safe return. Besides, it's the right thing to do.”

After leaving the Canadian Forces, Podlewski became a successful business executive. In 2002, he founded and funded Debt Freedom Canada, of which he is the President and CEO. The company is dedicated to educating middle-class Canadian families how to manage their money in a businesslike manner to eliminate their debt, build wealth and live life.

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Bruce Stock
Bus: 905-319-7748
Cell: 905-319-2977
Res: 519-434-3077

Debt Freedom Canada
5500 North Service Rd. 1st Floor Burlington, ON L7L 6W6


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