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News Release

Online Petition Calls for Pet Food Regulation Enforcement and Testing

March 28, 2007-- For Immediate Release

TORONTO (Canada) - A North American-wide petition calling on governments to regulate the manufacturing, testing, labeling and marketing of all pet food went online today at the new website, www.PETitionz.org.

The petition is the response of 4 pet owners to the painful deaths and life altering effects of tainted pet foods and states as its purpose:

"To call upon all governments to act immediately on all aspects of this issue and to keep the public informed".

Petitionz.org volunteer Ron Smith stated the case for the petition, "The pet food industry in Canada is totally unregulated. The Canadian Veterinary Association makes only nutritional recommendations. U.S. pet food regulation falls under the already overworked Food and Drug Administration. This needs to change and change quickly for the sake of all of our pet friends".

Karen Fraser, another PETitionz.org volunteer commented, "Along with other pet owners, I carefully read the labels in the pet food aisle, and now I feel as if I have been tricked. We want to return the love we get from our pets with the best food and care. Until this disaster, I did not know that pet food was unregulated in Canada. I can't help those affected but together with others in every state and province, I can help to make sure this can never happen again".

The two other founding PETitionz.org volunteers voiced similar sentiments. "I always thought pet food on the store shelf was safe because there were checks in place like any other food product. Whether it's no-name brands or expensive name brands without some kind of enforced regulation, our pets are simply not safe." said Stefan Schedereit. Tim Loat completed the thought with, "I'm hopeful that with my help there will be a healthier future for all pets."

PETitionz.org began mounting its North American volunteer awareness campaign to get pet owners and pet lovers to sign the online petition for presentation to governments and pet food companies, with the goal for completion being no later than the end of May 2007. Signing takes less than a minute, even if the visitors take the time to vote on the two available polling questions.

Smith added, "The petition will allow everyone to turn their consumer concern into action. A genuine (and speedy) certification and testing system could rebuild confidence in the multi-billion dollar industry one certified package at a time".


Ron Smith Karen Fraser
(416) 893-1551 (917) 421-9670
rsmith@petitionz.org kfraser@petitionz.org

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