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Dogs and Cats Slaughtered for Fashion -
Their Fur Legal in Canada

For immediate release, December 12, 2005: Making headlines around the world, the dog and cat fur trade is being targeted by animal caring people everywhere. Aimee Johnson of Fur-Bearer Defenders is prepared to speak on Canada's role in this trade. "The fur from skinned dogs and cats can be legally sold in Canada, and it can be sold without any identifying label. It's truly sickening," says Johnson.

Honourable James Peterson, Minister of International Trade:

"Canada does not collect statistics on the volume or value of dog and cat fur that enters Canada", "As a major exporter, Canada has an interest in avoiding trade barriers created by one country imposing policies on another."

Raymond BÉdard, Canada Border Services Agency:

"There is no federal legislation in Canada that requires such [fur] products to contain labels showing the type of animal."

Roughly two million dogs and cats are brutally slaughtered each year for the international fur trade.

"Fur-Bearer Defenders is urging people nationwide to help us BAN dog and cat fur in Canada, and end Canada's role in these killings," says Johnson.

Eight major nations have banned dog and cat fur products, including the United States. Advocates in Europe, including Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills McCartney, are lobbying for a 25 country, EU-wide ban.

Fur-Bearer Defenders is offering high quality photos and video footage of the fur trade's dogs and cats (powerful yet suitable for Canadian audiences).

Fur-Bearer Defenders is a Vancouver based, national non-profit society, with a long history of responsible advocacy to stop fur trade cruelty and protect fur-bearing animals.

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