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Protest against the actions of Chinese officials
in Toronto and Ottawa

National Ethnic Press and Media Council Toronto, January 20, 2005


Whereas, on January 13, the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa suddenly revoked the visas to two journalists of New Tang Dynasty TV Canada (NTDTV Canada), Danielle Zhu and David Ren, just two days before the Canadian Prime Minister's trip to Asia.

Whereas, the two journalists are members in good standing of the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada;

Whereas, NTDTV is an independent, general-interest global television network that reports on a range of social, political and cultural affairs in China and Chinese communities around the world;

Whereas, NTDTV reports regularly on human rights violations in China including SARS, persecutions of Tibetans, Christians, Falun Gong practitioners, Article 23 legislation in Hong Kong, etc;

Whereas, in January 2004, the Chinese Consulate in Toronto sent faxes to some Canadian government officials discouraging them from attending or support NTDTV's Chinese new year celebration gala; and sent faxes to some gala performers discouraging them from performing for the gala;

Whereas, in a number of Chinese community events in Toronto and Ottawa, NTDTV reporters have been barred from participating or reporting, due to interference, pressure or fear of the Chinese consulate or Embassy;

We condemn the Chinese government efforts to stifle the voice of an independent Canadian media and its harassment of and interference with the media's operation in Canada.

We call on the Chinese Embassy to re-issue visas to the two NTDTV journalists immediately.

And we call on the Canadian Government to condemn the Chinese government and its representatives and agents' harassment to and interference in Canada to NTDTV, and we demand to take proper action against such representatives or agents who engage in such activities in contradiction of the provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights for free press.

For the NEPMCC Thomas S. Saras President

Telephone 416- 921 4229
Fax 416- 921 0723

National Ethnic Press and Media Council
Conseil national de la presse et medias ethniques du Canada
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