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Wednesday's Casseroles Night in Canada will include more than 100 locations: Quebec's 'Maple Spring' spreads

June 6, 2012

VANCOUVER - Organized in less than 72 hours, the inaugural Casseroles Night in Canada on May 30 drew marches in over 70 communities across Canada and internationally, and saw the participation of some 20,000 people worldwide.

Building on the extraordinary success of May 30, a second Casseroles Night in Canada has been organized for Wednesday June 6 at 8PM. Cities confirmed so far include Zagreb (Croatia), Berlin, London, Paris, New York, Washington, San Francisco, Chicago, San Jose (Costa Rica), Little Rock (Arkansas), Madison (Wisconsin), and over 100 others.

"This has been a completely organic, grassroots expression of solidarity with the unprecedented social movement taking place in Quebec. We put an idea out there, and people in communities from Tatamagouche to Salt Spring Island, from Zagreb to Little Rock, ran with it and made it their own. It is the most incredible demonstration of international solidarity I have ever seen," said Ethan Cox, an organizer with the national campaign and co-creator of the event.

This week's Casseroles actions will be focused on three points: solidarity with Quebec students, opposition to bill 78 and opposition to Stephen Harper's omnibus budget bill. Each Casseroles remains totally independent, and locally controlled, so some have added other issues of local importance.

"These pots and pans protests are an expression of frustration with a broken system, one where our governments spend billions on tax breaks for profitable corporations and high income earners, and then plead poverty as they slash our social programs," said Derrick O'Keefe, another organizer and co-creator. "The problem of austerity is universal, and many people now see Quebec as a front line in the struggle for a more just and equal world."

"What we are seeing in this outpouring of support for the students in Quebec, is a desire for genuine change," added Cox. "The issues in Quebec are the same ones faced around the world and if the casseroles, and all of their joy, love and community, can become a global symbol of the fight against austerity that would be incredibly inspiring. Right now Quebec is leading the way, and the rapid, organic spread of these pots and pans protests is a sign the rest of the world is eager to follow their example."


For more information or interview requests, please contact Ethan Cox at:
514-662-0070 or

For more information contact:
Ethan Cox
Phone: 514-662-0070

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