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On the 12th Anniversary of the Grassy Narrows Blockade We, the Women of Grassy Narrows Make a Statement

December 3, 2014

We, the women of Grassy Narrows, make a statement on behalf of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren on resource extraction on our traditional harvesting lands since time immemorial.

We will continue to stand strong for our children grandchildren and great grandchildren as we celebrate the 12th anniversary of the Grassy Narrows blockade.

We are carriers of life and nation keepers of the Anishinabek peoples.

We will not allow resource extraction that destroys the habitat of our harvesting lands and waters -harvesting includes wild game, fish, wild plants and medicines.

We are the voice of the animals*, trees, land, waters, ancestors, present and future children.

We are the voice of the Anishnabe in Asubpeeschooseewagong (Grassy Narrows) that chose to use our voice to protect and speak for Asubpeeschoseewagong traditional territory.

We are beneficiaries to Treaty #3.

We hold aboriginal rights, these rights are only there because of the land and animals and by virtue of the fact we as Anishnabek were here first on Turtle Island.

We stand as how the Creator put us here with the expectation that we protect and keep our traditional territory intact. For our territory is who we are, Anishnabek. To destroy our territory, is to destroy ourselves.

There is 25% of our forest untouched by the forest industry. We wish to speak for this area not to be bothered for present and future children of Asubpeeschooseewagong and as well speak for the 75% that has already been destroyed, not to be further bothered in any shape or form

We don't want our people to be further exploited by the forest industry and any other type of destructive industry for that matter. These destructive industries only offer demeaning, dead end, low paying economic opportunities for our people. Our territory is rich with non-destructive, non-demeaning economic opportunities for our people.

For more information contact:
Judy Da Silva
Phone: 807-407-4430

Roberta Keesick
Phone: 807-407-2136

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