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Start the New Year right

January 13, 2010

Its a new year and a time when people like to start fresh and sample some new approaches to areas in your life you would like to improve. You have seen the development of the organizing and redesign shows take over our television stations. Its been called the latest trend, the new dieting, but finding improved ways to organize your life is here to stay. Why- theres just so much return on investment.

One thing we often forget when making changes and its especially true this time of year is the importance of starting slow and making small goals:
1. Your desk is a workplace- remove other non- work related items and place them elsewhere. Hang photos on the wall and place awards, personal objects and knickknacks on a shelf or credenza.
2. Keep the things you use the most close by within easy reach and items that you require only occasionally further away. This includes files, supplies and personal items.
3. Get rid of the extras- how many of one item do you really need-157 pens, 4 coffee mugs- give away, throw away or return to the stationary/supply area.

And speaking of extras we usually have between 5-10 extra pounds that we have put on over the holidays. Looking for healthy time saving ways to get back on track:
1. Plan your meals and grocery list ahead of time. You can save time and money. Eating healthier during your day will keep your energy up and your waistline down.
2. Stick to the outside aisles at the grocery stores. This is where we find our core foods like fruits and vegetables. Its a great time to eat more fruits and vegetables. Think of these as a healthy snacking alternative. Try a fruit youve never had before.
3. Cut back on your portion sizes especially when eating out. Order half portions or ask for a to go container for the remainder of your meal. This also gives you another meal you dont have to prepare.

Use these tips to kick start a healthy and happy 2010!

For more information contact:
Colette Robicheau
Organizing Consultant and Coach
Organize Anything
Phone: (902)233-1577

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Colette Robicheau -- Organizing Consultant and Coach


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