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Three Steps to Groom a Goddess

June 29, 2010

The Goddess. Who is this lady and what are her qualities? Is she the princess of alluring feminine beauty? Is she the sex symbol of the century? Is she the wisest or wealthiest woman in the world or the Mother of all Nature? How is it that you define Goddess?

The Goddess is the female deity that births and nurses a world. The Goddess sees herself as a channel of a universal energy that creates and loves unconditionally. She gives all that she is with a knowing that she is more of who she is becoming – one with the heart of the universe.

Practically, how do we live our microcosmic womanly existence on earth, but approximate the macrocosmic goddess of the galaxy?

Step 1: Trust in this knowledge. Even if you are shaking your head in disbelief at this very moment, write down the phrase, I am a goddess, divine creator of the universe. Say this to yourself until you start to believe it. I am certain this is a truth that you will come to know. But until you do, repeat this to yourself every day: I am a goddess of divine creation. God is in me and I am in God – there is no separation.

Step 2: Practice being a Goddess. The glory of being a great goddess comes with responsibility and accountability to all living things. You must treat yourself and the world as if it was your firstborn child. Look at the world as if it is a part of you, birthed from your loins. Every man, woman, child, animal and each blade of grass is your sacred treasure. Some people have an understanding of this principle and some may not, but it is your job to love them unconditionally. Love is respect for the laws of nature and its rhythms, honoring you and the other person in equal exchange; dedication to learning the love lessons found in all life’s dualities (pain and pleasure, sickness and health, peace and war); and understanding there are no mistakes and all must serve some purpose. How would a Goddess remove her own fears and doubts to bring this person, plant or animal love? Loving yourself is the foundation and necessary extension to loving others. If I am him and he is me and there is no we, then I must love me. The ultimate goal is to love all the parts of yourself: your alluring feminine beauty and your revolting masculine qualities, your wisdom and your ignorance, your sexuality and your asexuality, you as the builder and you as the destroyer. In any given day we are all of these. Your values and priorities determine the areas of expression. Where is my beauty? Where is my wisdom? Where do I lie? Where do I destroy? These are questions to help keep you out of pride and shame – to help you see we are all love, equal in the eyes of the Universe.

Step 3: Reflect upon what you have created. To understand these principles that began as a blind trust and are practiced through imitation creates the love and abundance around you today. It is this third step where the Goddess sits back and smiles as the world smiles back in silent wisdom at the awesome loving matrix that cradles us. Understanding this power and wisdom that surrounds us and is within us is a recyclable, reusable, renewable reservoir of unconditional love.

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