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Life at the Border

September 17, 2010

It is the space between the extra and the ordinary that fulfills our existance, that shifts our perspective and allows for growth. I shall define a few other borders in a tale of extremes that may give you a greater perspective - the border between order and chaos, the border between the real and the imagined, the border between sane and insane. Life is the journey along the borders where inspiration is birthed between two destinations of here and there.

The inspirational moments occur when the world is quiet for you to hear yourself think, your inner voice. The quieting that gives you the final push to expand maybe triggered by an event, a poem, an idea, a piece of music, a person or a crisis. The greater the message or inspiration the quieter the world must become. Expect the greatest insights paired with the greatest challenge. Look for them and embrace them for in these moments are the joys of life.

Our dreams, fantasies and desires are the extra from our ordinary. The media, movie stars and famous musicians all try to capture this extra from the average. The ordinary is common and then the extra becomes common so the place of growth and expansion is at the border.

What shall I find on the border? Behind you stands the guards laden with guilt and resentment of the past. This protective calvary of “what if” and “if only” statements. “What if it could have been different”; “if only they had not acted that way”. In this mindset, someone has made a mistake….you, another person or God has screwed up the plan. Then ahead of you lays your fears that guard the future. Fear statement ring loud- “I am scared to say this and follow my heart for fear of hurting myself or others. I can hardly admit this to myself, let alone tell someone else and move forward. I don’t deserve this.”

There are no mistakes and finding the courage to cross the guarded border is the liberation you seek. The turmoil and resistance in your mind is reflected in your body and your environment. This is the point at the edge of the cliff when you are about to jump, develop a incurable virus or cancer, or another life ‘crisis’ that forces one to move inward to find their spirit. Understanding of this journey melts victimization in the current event. A global health crisis, a country’s political unrest, destruction of a city, a death in the family, emotional upheaval in the individual are examples of these borders to which I refer.

After my seminar recently a man says to me, “If I accept this way of thinking, manipulating my mind to see the opportunity in the obstacle, then I can no longer play victim in these circumstances. What kind of mind altering drug is this?” A friend replies, “yes, this happened to me too, next time take the blue pill it is easier on the head and keeps you away from the border.”

It is just when you think your life is over that there is a major shift in awareness and a new level of thinking and behaving. In essence, life is over as you know it and allowing the extra to emerge is the joy de vie. A bird hatching, a snake shedding its skin, a baby birthing are borders of crossing, complete with the pains and shell breaking enthusiasm associated with the rites of passage.

As a birthing mother I remember thinking at a point I was about to die in childbirth but in this same moment a baby is born. As I am preparing to cancel my teaching seminar, the most inspirational person arrives. At times when I have felt life is not worth living, I am granted the most profound insights. Thank you God for the borders for in these moments I am alive.

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