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2004 Niagara Wine & Food Classic Chefs
Uncover the Ultimate Dinner


Press Conference
2004 Niagara Wine & Food Classic guest chefs present the "Ultimate Winemakers Dinner". Susur Lee, Michael Bonacini, Mark Picone, and Anna Olson will each uncover a sample of one of the courses that comprise the Winemakers Dinners at the Niagara Wine & Food Classic. Michael Fagan of the LCBO
will than discuss the "Ultimate" wine pairing with each of the courses. The event will include remarks from
civic leaders and Niagara Wine & Food Classic partners.


  • Susur Lee of Susur
  • Michael Bonacini of Oliver Bonacini Restaurants
  • Mark Picone of Mark Picone at Vineland Estates
  • Anna Olson of Food Network Canada's Sugar

Guest Speakers:

  • Assistant Deputy Minister, Jean Lam
  • Andrew Brandt, CEO of LCBO
  • Mark Hand, Niagara Culinary Institute
  • Michael Fagan, LCBO
  • Noel Buckley, President, Niagara Falls Tourism

Thursday, July 29, 2004, 11:00am - 12:30pm

LCBO Summerhill (Events Kitchen)
10 Scrivener Square, Near Summerhill and Yonge.

Interview Opportunities:
Susur Lee, Michael Bonacini,
Mark Picone, Anna Olson.


For Further Information or to RSVP contact:
Gabriela Butera
Niagara Falls Tourism,
(905) 356-6061 Ext. 53.

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