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Three Daughters Instrumental in Book Series' Success

For Immediate Release -- Attention: Lifestyle/Book Section Editors

Author suggests engaging your children in the writing process

Edmonton, AB -- Author Teresa Saari wasn't going to finish the book she started writing two years ago. Her first release, "Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom", sat on the shelf until her eldest daughter, who at that time hadn't found any series that particularly struck her fancy, encouraged stay-at-home mom Saari to write something that would. From that point on, writing the stories became a family affair.

Her girls, now aged 13, 10 and 8 were completely involved in the story. Imogene's ages in the story, 5 and 10 were based on Janelle and Adrienne's ages at the time. Rebecca modeled as Imogene for the cover. "They were avid readers to begin with", adds Saari. "So the whole idea of Mommy writing a book has been exciting for them. They've helped name characters, proofread drafts, marked spelling mistakes and encouraged me from beginning to end."

As soon as she had the first proof copy of Imogene in her hands, Saari brought it to the regional book buyer for Cole's/Smithbooks in the Edmonton area. They immediately ordered copies for thirteen stores.
Libraries and schools have readily purchased multiple copies as well. She has also been featured in a few publications such as the Stony Plain Reporter, Hometown Living, the Lake Cowichan Gazette and the
Duncan News Leader. "I had no idea then that it would go this far, but I'm thrilled that it has", adds Saari. "I've found my passion. I've discovered what it is I'm going to do for the rest of my life. Being a stay-at-home mom, and having made up my mind to remain so, I knew I needed something I could call my own."

Saari adds however, that the hardest part about being an author is finding a literary agent and publisher who will take her seriously. She attribute that to a lack of publishing credits aside from this book which she self published. "Let's face it, just about anyone with a few hundred dollars in their pockets can get a book published, whether it's worthy or not."

She takes rejection better now than she did to begin with. Since she published "Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom", she's had awesome feedback from reviewers and readers alike. That's really boosted her
confidence. So now when she receives a rejection, she continues sending submission packages to the next prospective agent and publisher.

Book three has begun, and there's no stopping it now. It's thus far untitled, and Saari is not ready to share what it is about. Her girls are even sworn to secrecy. As far as the book signings go her girls and husband often accompany her to them.

Teresa has these tips for mothers considering writing a book:
-engage your children. They can be your best fans, but also your worst critics. Both elements are crucial. As supportive as mine have been, they certainly don't hesitate to point out my mistakes!
-involve them in as many aspects as possible. From character naming, to settings, welcome them to become a part of the process. Make it fun!
-involve your children's friends. Especially those who are avid readers.
-involve your children's school. Elementary schools are especially supportive of their locals. Having one of their parents pen a book actually helps them to enforce their students to follow their dreams.

Autographed copies of "Imogene of The Pacific Kingdom" are available at http://www.teresasaari.com. The books can also be ordered from Amazon, Trafford or bookstores across Canada.

About Teresa Saari:
As a child, author Teresa Saari spent days on end reading fantasy and fairy tale stories. The Saari family lives near Edmonton, in Alberta, Canada. Teresa devotes a lot of her time promoting the novel in bookstores, libraries and schools. Her free time recently has been spent on completing book two in the series, Dager of the Tasman Empire.

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