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October 14, 2004

Prime50 Rolls Out Across Canada,
Answering the Country's Need for its Changing Workforce.

Prime50 launched their unique interactive website and job board recently, Due to a dramatic change in demographics there will be a shortage of young people in the workforce that will have to be made up by the 50+ generation according to studies such as the C.D. Howe Institute's, Aging Populations and the Workforce,by William B.P. Robson. However, baby boomers have entered the 50+ age group with the realization that employers have both false perceptions and myths about them as a continuing workforce.
Prime50 will be the catalyst to change these perceptions: it will exclusively work for the 50+ workforce to educate employers and influence them to exploit employment opportunities. In order to reach as many employers as possible and to provide career services for 50+ individuals to enhance their marketability, Prime50 will be rolling out Centres in major cities across Canada over the coming months. Prime50 will put experience to work. It is the only service that specializes in providing employment opportunities and career services for the 50+ age group.

Prime50- Who founded it and why?
Barry Witkin, a retired Chartered Accountant saw a program that alerted the public and employers to what affect the change in demographics will have on the workforce and the economy. He determined that, based on a false perception about the 50+ workforce, there are significant barriers for them to obtain employment opportunities. Employers do not recognize that the experience and knowledge of the 50+ age group should be considered a valuable asset to them. After extensive research and interviews with employed and unemployed 50+ individuals, employers, career counselors, human resource professionals, recruiters, career transition specialists, physiologists and government officials, it was obvious that there were no services that specialized in providing employment opportunities and career services for the 50+ age group.

Accordingly, Barry decided that an opportunity existed to both provide a niche service and to be a catalyst to change perceptions about the 50+ workforce He understood that the 50+ age group needed to work, wanted to work and wanted to stay productive and engaged. He has therefore launched Prime50 to eliminate age based job discrimination and expand job opportunities.

For further information contact or tel 416-226-5090

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