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September 30, 2005

Access to Health Care & Aging advice for "Baby Boomers"

As we face a health care crisis…knowing there is somewhere and someone to turn to who is proactive for both home and hospital care is becoming an ever growing need for "Boomers" who are now parents caring for their parents.

Those born between 1946 and1964 are facing many changes as they adapt to the empty nest, are at the height of 'both' their careers, and find themselves having it all…all that is but time to care for their parents. This may be due to professional demands, or geography. The solution is finding a health care provider that will be there when you simply can not.

Qualicare a unique and innovative heath care company announces its move to a new location in Toronto, due to the ever growing demand to better serve the needs of the elderly in the GTA and provide health care management. This recent move also means Qualicare is closer to some of the best hospitals in the country and facilities for extended health care, they can also now better 'open the door' to various health care options.

Peace of mind can be achieved by knowing that whether near or far a Qualicare -Personal Care Manager will explore all possible treatment options. Qualicare also translates confusing medical information, and designs personal health programs that relieve families of the overwhelming demands and concerns for the care of loved ones.

The mission of Qualicare is in the name… Quality and Care, to compassionately guide families through medical crisis and support them with quality health care. With consistent, individual attention; Qualicare ensures each and every patient and their families get the best possible support.

Qualicare is an organization that meets the needs of the current population trend and specializes in providing a variety of care options to meet the ever-changing needs of the aging population. Some "Boomers" will be 65 in 5 years, so an organization like Qualicare is a service that "Boomers" themselves may want to use as the demand for doctors and health care continues to grow. Retirement plans for this demographic group includes financial health and physical health and the time to plan for that is NOW.

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