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March 30, 2005


Remarkable New Russian Healing Device
Now Available in Canada

Roland Semprie, Director and Practitioner, 416-712-7524
Scenar Centre
522 Oakwood Avenue, Toronto, ON

Roland Semprie's first response was simply 'No!'. He already had a very full plate when his mother asked him to check out a new health device she'd been treated with. "Sorry, sounds interesting but I haven't got time," he said. Roland, a well-known fitness trainer and constant student was already studying an infra-red therapy and didn't have another minute in his day.

But the next week, when his mother said very insistently "Roland, you NEED to check this out!", something in her voice made him realize she was dead serious. So he carved time out of his super-busy schedule to find out about the Scenar device. And his head hasn't stopped spinning.

Two weeks later, he was off to Russia to get exclusive training on the use of this revolutionary instrument from the inventor himself - Dr. Alexander Revenko, a top Russian neurologist involved with Russia's space program. Roland now is the only North American practitioner licensed to use, sell and train others on the Scenar (Self-Controlling Energy Neuro Adapting Regulator) Device.

On his return to Toronto, Roland opened up a new health center which will be offering Scenar therapy along with Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Reiki and Nutritional guidance.

"I'm just blown away by this treatment," claims Mr. Semprie. " First, by the 11 pages of testimonials I read in Russia and then by treating a client who suffered from frozen shoulder. After just one treatment, before she even left the clinic, she had significantly more mobility in her arm and shoulder. After the second treatment, she raised her arm pain free. It was amazing."

Scenar therapy is based on the principle that the brain, which controls both the nervous and biomeridian systems, is the ultimate healing organ. The brain's 100 billion cells interact with the rest of the body in a relay system that dwarfs any computer - this means that your brain has to be functioning well for you to be healthy. Scenar therapy regulates the brain's impulses and can help with conditions as varied as depression, chronic pain, sleep disturbances, immune deficiency, allergies, drug abuse, attention deficit disorders and cancer. The treatment steers the nervous system into a healing mode by shifting self-perpetuating negative impulses, set in motion by past emotional or physical traumas.

"It simply short-circuits the negative cycle and activates the brain's own healing power by its ability to detect electric impulses of the meridian system and the peripheral nervous system." Semprie says. "The dissonant impulses sent back to the brain stimulate a healing reaction. Often just one treatment is enough to create permanent results. And it can never hurt you in any way - there's absolutely no downside to treatment."

Another unique advantage to Scenar treatment is that it can be used for such a wide range of disorders. Scenar treatments range from one hour to 90 minutes and fees are $260 per hour.

"The most important thing," claims Semprie, "is that I can help many people with this revolutionary device. "This is the type of treatment that people have so far only dreamed of."

Roland Semprie is founder and president of the World Scenar Association, the official registry of Scenar Therapists around the globe. Roland is co-owner of Totum LIfe Science, Canada's largest private fitness and healthcare organization. He speaks on Fitness and Healthcare, Nutrition, Motivation, Leadership, Emerging Wellness and Medical Technologies. Roland received his B. A. (Hons) in Philosophy and B. Sc. in Physiology (Hons) at U of T. He is completing a Masters in Neural Linguistics, a Masters in Holistic Nutrition, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Doctor of Natural Health. Roland is a Medical Exercise Specialists, a Certified Zen Shiatsu Therapist with two advanced post graduate certifications, a certified Fitness Consultant, a Sport Movement Specialist, an infra-red Non-thermal Laser Practitioner, a Certified Acupuncturist and the only Fitness Professional in the world, licensed and authorized by Professor Alexander Revenko to treat, diagnose and train anyone of the device as a Certified Scenar Therapist. He's appeared on Global tv Prime and CHCH tv's Body and Health as well as City TV, HGTV's Designer Guys, Arresting Design and Goldhawk Live.

Call Roland Semprie directly to arrange for a complimentary Scenar session at 416-712-7524
Visit the Holistic World Expo, Booth 194, Saturday April 9th, from 11:00-11:45 a.m.
to hear Roland speak about Raising the Bar: For Optimum Health, Energy & Fitness.

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