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CONTENT at Humber
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September 15, 1981

CONTENT magazine - revitalized - will resume publication with its November/December issue, it was announced today by Larry Holmes, Dean of Creative and Communication Arts at Humber College.

Canada's oldest journalism review, which began more than 10 years ago, under Dick MacDonald, and has continued, since 1974, with Barrie Zwicker as editor-publisher, has been taken over by Humber College, Toronto. Eleanor Wright Pelrine, long-time writer and broadcaster, has been named editor.

"An informal survey of readers and advertisers told us that CONTENT has been sorely missed during the past few months. That you need and want the magazine's independent and critical analysis of developments in the news media. That insider reports of what's going on in journalism are important to you." said Wright Pelrine.

According to publisher Larry Holmes, "CONTENT will be professionally produced, by seasoned writers and editors. Its service and news capsule coverage will, however have the benefit of the extra hands, enthusiasm and freshness of students in graphics, journalism and photography.

The aftermath of the Kent Commission report, the battle for broadcasting licenses, and the demise of many small publications, suggests Wright Pelrine, make CONTENT "more important than ever. Humber College, with its many programs in Creative and Communication Arts provides an independent environment in which CONTENT can flourish. We are committed to continuing the work begun by Dick MacDonald and Barrie Zwicker."

Released for: Humber College
Contact: Eleanor Wright Pelrine
Address: 205 Humber College Blvd., Rexdale, Ontario M9W SL7

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