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New from the Publisher of Parliamentary Names & Numbers and Sources:
The Sources HotLink

October 1996

The Sources HotLink is a quarterly newsletter providing practical ideas for obtaining positive news coverage. Short articles, often in point form, present strategies designed to assist organizations and individuals with media relations.

Each issue of The Sources HotLink provides you with help to plan an effective media relations strategy and gives you methods for improving your day to day publicity awareness.

Topics covered include tips for effective speeches, guidelines for successful interviews, hints for improving the use of E-mail and answering machines, and advice on event marketing strategies.

Every issue of The Sources HotLink contains information useful to everyone who has contact with the media and wants to improve their media relations.

Share the secrets of seasoned public relations professionals. Learn how you can apply new strategies for obtaining more and more positive media coverage.

Subscriptions to The Sources HotLink can be obtained for only $20/year (four issues) from Sources.

A Welcome from the Editor

Welcome to the first issue of The Sources HotLink, featuring articles and tips to assist you with Media Relations.

Your goal is to get positive publicity. The Sources HotLink provides tips, reminders and a few tested guidelines to help you. Help in planning your media relations strategy and improving your day to day publicity awareness will be included in every issue.

The Sources HotLink will help you get the most from your Sources listing. It will suggest simple and cost-effective ways to enhance your listing to increase calls from the media and coverage. The article about the Subject Index by Ulli Diemer on page 3 is the first in this series.

These pages are a forum in which you and other listed organizations can learn from each other. Each issue will feature services and expertise provided by individuals and organizations listed with Sources.

Your suggestions, comments and articles are sought. Let me hear from you! Call me at (416) 964-7799 or send an E-mail.


Yvonne Hilder, Editor


The Sources HotLink
Phone: 416-964-7799
Fax: 416-964-8763

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