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Tyndale University College and Seminary Launches $58-million capital campaign

June 3 , 2008 -- For Immediate Release

TORONTO, June 3, 2008 -Tyndale announced the public launch of their $58-million Uncommon Ground Capital campaign at the new Bayview Avenue property on Saturday, May 31, 2008. Dignitaries in attendance included Honourable Jason Kenney; Honourable John McKay; MP Allan Tonks; MPPs David Zimmer and Frank Klees; and City Councillor, David Shiner. They were joined by Tyndale leadership, faculty, students, alumni, friends and supporters.

President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Brian C. Stiller, introduced some of the 36 members who serve as volunteers on the Capital Campaign cabinet. They include well-known Canadian business leaders including Tim Hearn, former Chairman and CEO of Imperial Oil Ltd. and Chair of the Capital Campaign; Archie McLean, former CEO, Maple Leaf Foods and Vice-Chair of the Capital Campaign; and Jake Epp, Chairman of Ontario Power Generation and Chancellor of Tyndale.

Understood to be one of the largest fundraising campaigns undertaken by a Christian organization in Canadian history, the importance of this initiative was emphasized by Campaign Chair, Tim Hearn, who noted, "Our world needs young people with a highly developed sense of ethical values and accompanying skills to make a difference to our society. Our vision is to raise up generations who are committed to those moral principles and values so needed. Those who by their courage and determination will bring energy and life to our world, be it in business, government, the arts, the many professions or the vital service roles needed today. In purchasing this beautiful Bayview property, Tyndale has taken an enormous step forward in their vision of educating students."

The plan of the Uncommon Ground Campaign is for the cabinet members to call on Canadians with a will to participate in such an historic opportunity, providing Tyndale with the resources to expand its educational capacity in the filling out of its vision to serve. The three primary objectives of the Uncommon Ground Campaign: to underwrite the purchase of the Sisters of St. Joseph Morrow Park property on Bayview Avenue in Toronto; provide seed funds for the development of new academic programs; and fund internal renovations to the new campus, as well as the other campus on Ballyconnor Court.

Stiller said, "We're celebrating the vision of Tyndale to play a major role in providing leadership in Canada and the world. We are thrilled with the generosity of those who have contributed to the first phase of the campaign, putting the campaign at the $37 million mark, a strong beginning as we reach to achieve the goal of $58 Million that will allow us to implement our vision for future expansion."

Tyndale University College & Seminary has been a major centre of Christian higher education in Canada since 1894. Currently, it offers undergraduate liberal arts and graduate degrees to a diverse population of 1,200 students who represent over 40 faith denominations. Funded solely by tuition and public philanthropy, Tyndale was given university status in Ontario in 2003.

Tyndale, through the university, offers BA and BA (Honours) degrees in the humanities, social sciences and business, as well as a consecutive Bachelor of Education degree. The seminary offers both masters and doctoral degrees and prepares leaders to serve in the church, mission agencies and the marketplace, across Canada and around the world. Additional information is available at

Media Contact:

Tyndale University College & Seminary
Jacqueline Getfield, MSc
Director, Corporate Communications
Tel: 416- 226-6620 ext. 2784

Natasha Carr, Hon. BA Communications Assistant
Tyndale University College & Seminary
25 Ballyconnor Court Toronto, Ontario, M2M 4B3 Canada
Phone: 416-226-6620 x2113
Fax: 416-226-6746


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