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A History of the Arab Peoples

Hourani, Albert
Publisher:  Warner Books
Year Published:  1991  
Pages:  552pp   ISBN:  0-446-39392-4
Library of Congress Number:  DS37.7.H67   Dewey:  909'.0974927--dc20


Table of Contents

Author's Note

Part I: The Making of World (Seventh - Tenth Century)
1. A New Power in an Old World
2. The Formation of an Empire
3. The Formation of a Society
4. The Articulation of Islam

Part II: Arab Muslim Societies (Eleventh - Fifteenth Century)
5. The Arab Muslim World
6. The Countryside
7. The Life of Cities
8. Cities and their Rulers
9. Ways of Islam
10. The Culture of the 'Ulama
11. Divergent Paths of Thought
12. The Culture of Courts and People

Part III: The Ottoman Age (Sixteenth - Eighteenth Century)
13. The Ottoman Empire
14. Ottoman Societies
15. The Changing Balance of Power in the Eighteenth Century

Part IV: The Age of European Empires (1800 - 1939)
16. European Power and Reforming Governments (1800 - 1860
17. European Empires and Dominant Élites (1860 - 1914)
18. The Culture of Imperialism and Reform
19. The Climax of European Power (1914 - 1939)
20. Changing Ways of Life and Thought (1914 - 1939)

Part V: The Age of Nation-States (since 1939)
21. The End of the Empires (1939 - 1962)
22. Changing Societies (1940s and 1950s)
23. National Culture (1940s and 1950s)
24. The Climax of Arabism (1950s and 1960s)
25. Arab Unity and Disunity (since 1967)
26. A Disturbance of Spirits (since 1967)

Genealogies and Dynasties
Index of Terms
General Index

Subject Headings

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