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Literacy: Experts and Sources
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News Releases

Literacy Outside the Box
Frontier College
Frontier College student art show proves there is more to literacy than reading and writing
Teach My Preschooler Observes International Literacy Day, Sept 8, 2011
Teach My
Teach My Preschooler is pleased to observe International Literacy day and help raise awareness for a very serious issue.
The Canada Science and Technology Museum recognizes the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille
Canada Science and Technology Museum
To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille, the Canada Science and Technology Museum (CSTM), in collaboration with CNIB, presents an exhibition and a guided tour which will be ...
Winners announced
The Royal Canadian Legion
National winners of Legion's Essay, Poetry and Poster Contests.

Sources Select Resources

Marguerite has come a long way
Diemer, Ulli
Seven News
Literacy student writes her own story.
The Secret Secret
Of Wikileaks and Literacy
Johnson, Jimmy
Only those with proper clearances can participate in discussions that affect significant aspects of our lives. Certain technological achievements, our collective ethical decisions (torture, secret pri...
Teaching adults to read
Diemer, Ulli
Seven News
Becoming literate is an important way for people to gain more control and power over their lives.
Young Iraqis hope the Written Word can Reinvigorate a New Generation
Arraf, Jane
The Guardian
An informal lending library uses literary heritage to remind young Baghdadis they don't need to emigrate to escape daily travails.

Sources Bookshelf

Experiences in Translation
Eco, Umberto
Identifies the different types of interpretive acts that count as translation. An enticing new typology emerges, based on Eco's insistence on a common-sense approach and the necessity of taking a crit...
Social Determinants of Health
Canadian Perspectives
Raphael, Dennis (ed.)
The social determinants of health are summarized and analyzed by over 30 medical and social academics.
The Woman Reader
Jack, Belinda
Belinda Jack's history of women's reading and the ceaseless controversies it has inspired, explores what and how women of widely differing cultures have read through the ages.


Alberta Journal of Educational Research
Devoted to all forms of inquiry into education and fields related to or associated with education.

Government Ministries & Agencies

Human Resources and Skills Development
Human Resources Development Canada's mission is to enable Canadians to participate fully in the workplace and the community. The department provides an integrated approach to Canada's national investm...

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