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News Release

cleo’s holiday charity puppy

cleo is launching a holiday charity puppy in support of the Breast Cancer Society of Canada.

Available in early December, cleo will offer customers a special gift-giving item this season - cleo’s holiday charity puppy. The puppy will retail for $15, or $5 with the purchase of $75 or more, and in both occasions cleo will donate $5 to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada for each puppy sold.

cleo is committed to its customers and the communities in which they live. “We care about our customers beyond their wardrobe needs and we’re delighted to participate in this holiday initiative. Holiday is a time for giving and we encourage everyone to contribute something, whether big or small,” comments Debra Tollefson, President of cleo.

“We think our customers will love our puppy. He’s wearing a handmade cable knit sweater and there’s even a gift tag affixed to its ear, so he’s ready for gifting. It’s an adorable gift item for friends and family - for children ages 0 to 100,” adds Yolanda Topping, General Merchandise Manager.

cleo is a specialty retailer of women’s apparel and accessories in regular and petite sizing. cleo supports the Breast Cancer Society of Canada year round by donating a percentage of sales from selected items. With 90 stores in Canada, cleo is a division of Comark Inc., based in Mississauga, Ontario.

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada is a registered, national, volunteer-driven organization that is committed to raising funds for research into the prevention, early detection and treatment of breast cancer and to ultimately find a cure for the disease that women fear the most. The Society is proud to be associated with cleo and counts heavily on its on-going support says Executive Director, Rany Xanthopoulo.

For more information, contact Rhonda Hartling, Director of Marketing for cleo at 905-567-7375.

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