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News Release

For immediate release:

Who’s Who in Black Canada —
Black Success and Black Excellence in Canada —
A Contemporary Directory.

Toronto, Ontario –January 02, 2003- Who’s Who in Black Canada, the first ever-biographical directory of outstanding Black achievers in Canada, offers new hope for Black youth seeking mentorship - and fresh opportunity for Black professionals seeking to expand their networks. The book, beginning national distribution this month, profiles more than 700 highly successful Black achievers from across the country.

Who’s Who in Black Canada highlights the achievements of individuals from all sectors: law, medicine, business, education, government, the arts, social justice, sports, and community service. From AIC Ltd. CEO, Michael Lee-Chin, to Quebec’s first black judge, Juanita Westmoreland-TraorÉ, to UBC ‘s head of neurosurgery, Dr. Felix Durity, the book presents a wealth of information and little known facts about Black presence and Black accomplishments in Canada. The book’s introductory remarks include commentary from former Ontario Lt.-Gov., The Hon. Lincoln Alexander; poet & playwright, George Elliott Clarke; Conseil des AînÉs, HÉlÈne Wavroch; former Vision TV CEO, Fil Fraser; and others, attesting to the historical and social relevance of this timely work.

Described by several, including, Prof. George Elliot Clarke, as “a seminal work,” “an excellent publication,” “much-needed and long-overdue” the initial response has been “more than positive” says Editor/Publisher, Dawn Williams. “I believe the end result will inform and inspire individuals, organizations and communities across Canada,” she continued. “Who’s Who in Black Canada was conceived and designed as a resource to facilitate networking and to assist those mentoring Black youth by identifying contemporary examples from all professional sectors.”

“It is also my hope,” Williams adds, “that members of the media, executive search firms, libraries, educators and others will find this book a valuable reference which will help in identifying qualified professionals from diverse backgrounds.”

Over 300 guests from across Canada attended the official launch of the publication late last year. Present for the event at Toronto’s Board of Trade was a contingent from Quebec, as well as former Toronto Mayor, Barbara Hall, and activist/writer June Callwood. Co-hosting the event were Senator Donald Oliver and writer, Mairuth Sarsfield. Other special guests included: Mayor George Rogers of Leduc, AB; retired citizenship judge Stanley Grizzle; and retired pathologist, Dr. Okechukwu Ikejiani. Honoured at the event for their achievements were 1932 Olympic medallist, Ray Lewis, former hockey player, Herb Carnegie, and founder of the Ontario Black History Society, Dr. Daniel G. Hill.

Who’s Who in Black Canada (421 pages) contains some text in French; is available in both soft- and hard-cover, retails for $39.99 and $59.99 (tax and shipping extra) and may be obtained in local bookstores or by mail from the publisher.

For additional information on Who’s Who in Black Canada, or to order
copies, please contact Dawn Williams at 416-694-8149; Fax: 416-694-8920;
via e-mail at dawn@whoswhoinblackcanada.com

or the Web at


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