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News Release

Canadian Authors Association
2006 Literary Awards

May 16 -- For Immediate Release

The Canadian Authors Association (CAA), creator of the Governor-General's medals for literature, continues its long tradition of honouring Canadian writers of various genres whose works have achieved excellence without sacrificing popular appeal.

  • CAA MOSAID Technology Inc. Award for Fiction goes to Joseph Boyden (Toronto) for Three Day Road (Penguin) ... "A compelling tale of two native Canadians trained to hunt and survive in the wild of Northern Canada by an old woman and trained to kill by the Canadian Army in World War I. Harrowing and mesmerizing."
  • CAA Jack Chalmers Poetry Award goes to Barry Dempster (Holland Landing, ON) for The Burning Alphabet (Brick Books) ... "Few if any poets encompass the range, the dynamism, and the spectrum of emotional colours Barry Dempster does... Barry Dempster creates word music that is both delightfully insightful and memorable."
  • CAA Lela Common Award for Canadian History goes to J.L. Granatstein for The Last Good War (Douglas & McIntyre) ... "Well researched, well written, with popular appeal. As always Granatstein pulls no punches. This book goes beyond provinces and personalities, and goes to some pains to explain the impact of our involvement in WWII had on our country."
  • CAA Carol Bolt Drama Award goes to John Mighton for Half Life (Playwrights Canada Press) ... " A delightful play. An insightful, bitter-sweet story of the discovery of love in mid-life, and in the twilight years of life told with humour, wit, and elegance."
  • CAA BookTelevision Emerging Writer Award goes to Souvankham Thammavongsa for Small Arguments (Pedlar Press) ... "Thammavongsa's poems are like prisms splitting thoughts, words and visions. And yet her work has a clarity that makes reading her poetry an easy pleasure."

The 2006 winners will be reading from their books on Friday July 7 at the CAA CanWrite! Conference in Peterborough, Ontario where they will be presented with their cheques and medals.

For biographical and interview information about the winning authors please visit www.canauthors.org/awards/winners.html

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Jacqueline A. Gibbs CAA Awards Chair May 6, 2006

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