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News Release
Canadian Authors Association
2007 Literary Awards

May 2007-- For Immediate Release

The Canadian Authors Association (CAA), creator of the Governor-General's medals for literature, continues its long tradition of honouring Canadian writers of various genres whose works have achieved excellence without sacrificing popular appeal.

CAA MOSAID Technology Inc. Award for Fiction goes to Richard Wagamese (Burnaby BC) for Dream Wheels (Doubleday). "Wagamese has woven a novel for all ages and people from all walks of life. He educates us in the cowboy way, native spirituality, marriages that work, problems leading to gang membership, and the brave path of the single parent. Each voice is distinct and wholly believable."

CAA Award for Poetry goes to Sarah Klassen (Winnipeg MB) for A Curious Beatitude (The Muses' Company/J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing). "A volume of poetry of the first water in which each poem is united by a sweeping poetic vision grounded either in philosophy or theology. Like all such major contributions, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and the poems strike fire from each other."

CAA Lela Common Award for Canadian History goes to Mark Zuehlke (Victoria BC) for The War of 1812: The Brokering of an Uneasy Peace (Alfred A. Knopf). "A well-written popular history of the War of 1812 with a fine balance between politics, military operations, and diplomacy. Notable for being fair and balanced in its treatment of the belligerents. Zuehlke's thoroughly researched book makes sense of the opposing accounts of that time and the ambiguous results of the conflict. Beyond the specifics of the battles and the Treaty of Ghent that brought an end to them, this book sheds some lighton the murky area that lies between war and peace."

CAA Carol Bolt Drama Award goes to Stephen Massicotte (Calgary AB) for The Oxford Roof Climber's Rebellion (Playwrights Canada Press). "The Oxford Roof Climber's Rebellion is a surprising and delightful work, showing us deep insight into the private lives of fascinating historical figures. Entertaining rather than preachy, the playwright puts across his point of view in the best possible way - by letting his characters do it for him, in their own inimitable fashion. Easily staged and a sure crowd pleaser."

CAA BookTelevision Emerging Writer Award goes to Annette Lapointe (Winnipeg MB), author of Stolen (Anvil Press). "...her novel is fascinating and well-crafted."

The 2007 winners will be reading from their books on Saturday July 7 at the CAA CanWrite! Conference in Ottawa, Ontario where they will be presented with their cheques and medals.

For biographical and interview information about the authors visit www.www.canauthors.org/awards/winners.html.

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Jacqueline Gibbs, Awards Chair
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contact Alec McEachern at the CAA National Office:

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