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News Release

RABQSA International Introduces CAEAL Assessor Certification!

January 19, 2006
Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Ottawa, Ontario

RABQSA and the Canadian Association for Environmental Analytical Laboratories (CAEAL) are pleased to announce the establishment of an industry-specific laboratory accreditation assessor scheme aimed at providing recognition to assessors engaged in Canadian laboratory accreditation assessments based on ISO/IEC 17025.

"This scheme is unique in that it represents the continuation of the first assessor scheme specifically designed for laboratory accreditation," said Michael Carmody CEO, RABQSA. "The engagement with CAEAL has set the benchmark for other industry-based schemes in North America, and will provide a base for the development and improvement of assessment practices in Canada and beyond. The cooperation and engagement of CAEAL management and staff on this project was commendable," said Carmody.

"We are extremely pleased with the added value and credibility this certification scheme brings to Canada's laboratory accreditation activities," said Ned Gravel, CAEAL Quality and Training Manager. "This RABQSA scheme will allow us to expand our pool of certified assessors, and to provide an approach that is not used by other accreditation bodies, all for the benefit of our members."

"Our assessors have been internationally recognized as some of the strongest in the world. We are proud to be able to offer this certification as a quid-pro-quo for their volunteer activities as assessors," explained Gravel.

Applications for RABQSA certification to the CAEAL Assessor certification scheme are available via the RABQSA web site www.rabqsa.com. CAEAL Assessors certified by RABQSA will be listed on the RABQSA international register and will receive a Certificate and wallet card.

Further details can be gained by contacting the RABQSA Coordinator or by contacting CAEAL.

RABQSA continues to be the international leader in delivering accredited, innovative, personnel and training certification to the most extensive range of industries. Visit our website to view our range of schemes and see the future of certification.

RABQSA contact:
Monique Inman
Website: www.rabqsa.com

CAEAL contact:
Ned Gravel
Website: www.caeal.ca

Toronto, Ontario, , Canada         Tel:
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