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News Release

Centre for Energy re-launches Web portal
with new focus on consumer information

Tips save consumers energy and money

June 13, 2007 - Calgary, AB - The Canadian Centre for Energy Information (Centre for Energy) today re-launched its Web portal (www.centreforenergy.com) which now includes a new consumer information section.

With energy consumption and the environment top of mind for many Canadians, the Centre for Energy saw an opportunity to expand its online offering with information for consumers.

"It's important for consumers to recognize the part they play in energy conservation and energy efficiency," said Michael Cleland, president and CEO of the Canadian Gas Association. "The expanded Centre for Energy Web portal provides a one stop shop for Canadian consumers to gain easy access to reliable energy information from wellhead to burner tip, which allows them to make informed decisions on their energy use."

"Canadians need a comprehensive source of energy information to support energy literacy," said Hans Konow, president and CEO, Canadian Electricity Association. "Access to quality information supports policy discussions and helps to empower consumers to make informed decisions and optimize their energy choices."

The first of four new sections to be launched is the residential section, which provides consumer tips, an overview on energy consumption related to residential heating and cooling, appliances and lighting and personal transportation. Commercial/Institutional, Transportation and Industrial sections will be subsequently added throughout the year.

"Most of the tips provided on the Centre for Energy portal are easy to incorporate into everyday life and include everything from reducing energy use to updates on electricity and natural gas rates to regulations designed to protect consumer interests, providing consumers with the information they need to save energy and money," said Colleen Killingsworth, president, Canadian Centre for Energy Information. "There are also videos, podcasts and links. Consumers can even measure the impact of choosing greener options using one of the energy calculators available on the site."

Material will be updated frequently to ensure the information provided on the portal is current and comprehensive. Consumers will even be able to provide their own tips for saving energy and money in a "Share with us" section - making the Centre for Energy a truly interactive experience.

The new portal, in addition to the Centre for Energy's print publications, will complement the upstream energy information currently available on the portal and will continue to provide audiences easy access to complete, un-biased and credible information on Canada's energy system.

Take an online tour
Visit www.centreforenergy.com and click on Website Tour to explore everything the Centre for Energy has to offer.

About the Canadian Centre for Energy Information
The Centre for Energy is a non-profit organization created in 2002 to meet an urgent need for information about the Canadian energy system and energy-related issues. Developed for North American audiences, the Centre for Energy believes that an informed public better understands and supports energy policy and regulatory choices, makes better business decisions related to energy, chooses careers in energy, invests in energy and uses energy more wisely. All original content developed by the Centre for Energy is reviewed by subject matter experts from industry, government, educational institutions and other interested members of the community to ensure accuracy and balance.

Our guiding principles govern our decision-making process in the provision of energy-related information and identify which areas of the portal may contain opinion-based information and which sections are presented without editorial opinion or comment. While we believe that the content in our print publications and on the portal provides a well-vetted, basic level of educational and statistical information, we are constantly seeking to incorporate broader and more diverse perspectives.


For more information, please contact:

Colleen Killingsworth, APR, ABC
President, Canadian Centre for Energy Information
T: 403-263-7722
Toll Free: 1-877-606-4636
E: ckillingsworth@centreforenergy.com

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