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News Release

Drought in the Horn of Africa

March 23 -- For Immediate Release

TORONTO, March 23 - CBMI' s Executive Director, Dave McComiskey is calling upon world leaders to help with the worst drought in decades in the Horn of Africa.

There are 18 million undernourished people and 7.5 million victims and after six years of drought, crops across East Africa have failed again.

National governments, local authorities and the United Nations need to respond in a timely matter as we have the means to stop people from suffering. United Nations has launched a 500 million emergency fund; however it is dependent upon the worldwide response of governments, which, unfortunately, takes too long and costs lives.

"Our people on the ground have called for urgent help as the situation is at a critical stage and the crisis is on the verge of becoming a catastrophe," states McComiskey.

The Government of Canada has provided $1.5 million to the World Food Programme. However many other G8 countries have to step up and also help the estimated 60-80 million people living with disabilities and no hope.

"Africa risks yet another dubious distinction of being the place with the fastest growing number of persons with disabilities in the world", says McComiskey.

CBMI's crisis teams in Kenya have launched a 3-Step Famine Crisis Plan to rescue famine-struck families. CBMI is asking for support to help supply food packs, medicine, water wells, livestock and trachoma programs.

When Children are malnourished they are at risk of disease and disability.
CBMI provides medical and rehabilitation services in more 1,000 projects in over 100 developing countries, helping more than 11 million disabled and at risk people every year.

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