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News Release

National Non Smoking Week 2005
Canadian Report Cards

For Immediate Release-

Canada is a global leader in the fight to prevent the death and disease caused by tobacco
use. However, according to Provincial/Territorial Report Cards released today, we still
have a long way to go.

Not one province or territory brings home straight A's.

The complete document, which can be found at www.ncth.ca, focuses on the following
five key elements in reducing tobacco use and protecting the health of Canadians:

- Provincial/Territorial Tax Rate
- 100% Smoke Free Workplaces
- 100% Smoke Free Public Places
- Retail Display Ban
- Pharmacy Sales Ban

The grading was done on a normative scale. That is, all provinces and territories were
compared against one another. Robert Walsh, Executive Director of the Canadian
Council for Tobacco Control (CCTC) states: "The beauty of a normative evaluation is
that there is always a star. However, in the interest of public health and tobacco control,
even the current best can be improved upon."

To reach provincial tobacco control representatives, please contact Marino Francispillai
(CCTC) at (613)567-3050 ext. 103.

- 30 -

For more information:
Robert Walsh: (613) 567-3050 ext. 107
Marino Francispillai: (613) 567-3050 ext. 103

Toronto, Ontario, , Canada         Tel:
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