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News Release

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society Proudly
Celebrates Their 21st Year in Our Nation's Capital

CALGARY (April 14, 2008) - The Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS), in partnership with the Down Syndrome Association National Capital Region, will celebrate the next 20 years at the 21st anniversary event, the 2008 National Conference on May 16-18, 2008 in Ottawa, our nation's capital.

The CDSS conference will bring together 400 self-advocates, professionals, parents and family members from across the country. It is an opportunity for Canadians to learn more about the 35,000 people with Down syndrome living in our communities. This event enables us to share the accomplishments of Canadians with Down syndrome. This national conference is an important opportunity for people with Down syndrome and their families to share best practices and to develop sustaining and nurturing relationships. As an organization we are able to demonstrate to policy makers and professionals the significant contributions Canadians with Down syndrome make to their communities and how they are an integral part of a diverse human family.

The conference brings experts from across the country to one location to update and educate delegates how to improve the lives of Canadians with Down syndrome. As our most important yearly event, CDSS encourages families, Self Advocates, educators, and professionals to take part.

To register or find out more information about this exciting event visit www.cdss.ca.

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) is a vital resource linking individuals, parents and professionals through advocacy, education and providing information. The mission of the CDSS is to ensure equitable opportunities for all Canadians with Down syndrome. This means, to make sure all Canadians with Down syndrome have the right supports to give them the same opportunities that everyone else has. Our vision is a proud Canada where ALL are welcome, we embrace diversity and we value everyone's genes equally.


For further information:

Christy Thompson
Public Relations Manager, Canadian Down Syndrome Society
(403) 669-2832

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