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News Release

2005 Canadian Classic to be Held in Toronto

For Immediate Release -- 3 August 2005 - Toronto

The official announcement that the 2005 Canadian Classic will be held in Toronto on October 29, 2005 was made today by President Shaun Campbell and Vice President Desmona Cole. The Canadian Classic is the officially Canadian NGA sanctioned sporting venue for natural bodybuilders. The event will see Toronto play host to over 100 natural bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors from across North America, for the first time ever in NGA history. The Canadian Classic will offer an exciting showcase and competition of North America's most naturally beautiful men and women against the cosmopolitan flavour of Toronto, Canada. In addition to being attended by the "natural bodies beautiful", the event promises an upbeat, entertaining showcase of the best urban dance artists in the Urban Dance Competition featuring some of the most promising urban and hip-hop dancers straight from the streets, clubs and music videos.

President and founder Shaun Campbell, Canada’s own two times North American natural bodybuilding champion and one of Canada’s leading personal trainers in natural bodybuilding promises that landing the
Canadian Classic in Toronto is only the beginning. According to Campbell, “Kids these days need real natural heroes in sports, they need to know that they have the ability to be competitive within them, physically and
mentally. In a society where virtual reality is the norm, people lose sight of just how powerful they really are when it comes to changing their own lives. Natural bodybuilders -- athletes -- are testimony to this.
They’re there to tell you, hey, I was just like you and if I can do it, so can you!”

Desmona Cole, Vice President is no stranger to natural bodybuilding as she herself is a recognized consistent top 3 qualifier. A true role model and natural bodybuilding wonder, Desmona picked up a dumbbell for the first time in 2004 and entered her first Natural Bodybuilding Competition in early 2005 where she rocketed to the top 3 of 2 NGA North American Pro-Qualifiers. Not a full time natural bodybuilder but a professional
graphic designer based in Toronto, she is a proponent of natural, drug free sports. Desmona, a natural beauty, is living proof that with training and persistence we all have the power to take our life and health from 0 - 60 naturally.

For information on media passes, sponsorships and competitor registration for the 2005 Canadian Classic visit www.canadian-classic.com, e-mail canadian.classic@rogers.com or telephone 416-544-0682.

For further information on Shaun Campbell please visit or contact www.shaun-campbell.com, e-mail shaun.campbell@rogers.com or telephone 416-544-0682

For further information on Desmona Cole please visit or contact www.keibadesigns.com, e-mail keibadesigns@rogers.com or telephone 416-544-0682

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