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Green-Powered Internet Hosting Service Expands in Canada

For Immediate Release

(September 15, 2003, Ottawa, ON) Canada's only green-powered internet hosting service has expanded.

The canadian association for renewable energies (we c.a.r.e.) launched the service in September 2001 to host the internet domains of associations and companies that want to support renewable energies. To celebrate its second anniversary and to meet the increasing demand for the service, the capacity of the server has expanded to accommodate more domains.

The server is located in Calgary, where it uses electricity generated from a windfarm and distributed by the municipal utility’s GreenMax program. Both the generation and the transmission of power are certified under the federal Environmental Choice program, to ensure that the service decreases the emission of greenhouse gases in Canada that are related to the consumption of conventional coal-fired electricity.

The GreenHosting service is the only 'certified green' service in Canada, and is designed to be competitive for smaller internet domains (under 10 MB in size).

For details, please see www.GreenHosting.org or www.Green-Domains.com, or follow the link from the main site of the canadian association for renewable energies.

Bill Eggertson, Executive Director of 'we c.a.r.e.'
E-mail: eggertson@renewables.ca

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