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News Release

The Connexions Directory of Canadian Organizations for Social Justice 1987


The Connexions Directory of Canadian Organizations for Social Justice 1987 is the first edition of a directory which is to be an annual sourcebook about grassroots groups across Canada which are dealing with social justice issues. While other directories deal with specific social issues, this Directory is the first to attempt to compile information about organizations dealing with all aspects of social change.

The main body of the Connexions Directory is divided into twelve major issue areas:
- Arts, Media, Culture
- Economy, Poverty, Work
- Education
- Environment
- Gay and Lesbian
- Gender Equality
- Health
- Human Rights
- International
- Native Peoples
- Peace
- Urban

Listings give information about groups' name, address, telephone number, contact people, structure, year of founding, resources produced, and activities and services provided. Groups were asked to provide a 25-word summary of their purpose and goals, in their own words.

In addition to the main subject headings, the Connexions Directory also has separate indices which enable users to find organizations by geographical location, by name, or through a set of keywords describing their areas of involvement.

Appendices list Information/resource providers, Canadian alternative periodicals, and other useful directories.
The Directory is seen as a way of sharing in the "experiences, strategies and visions of over 1,500 organizations." Connexions suggests that it could be used for purposes such as locating films, speakers, publications, and other resources; finding people who share your interests and goals; identifying groups that might help you with a particular initiative; compiling mailing and telephone lists.

Connexions also hopes that the Directory "will also help to produce the more intangible benefits that come from increased contact and knowledge." "As one looks through this Directory, a sense emerges of the power and vitality of the urge to create alternatives. We see that despite the pervasive feeling that 'nothing can be done', people do join with others to block what they see as harmful and fight for what they consider to be desirable and just."


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